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    Official: Prius out, ELR in with changing HOV landscape
    Arizona Kicks Out Hybrids, But PHEVs, Pure EVs Still Qualify 1407537000

    Out with the sort-of-old, in with the new-ish. The Arizona Department of Transportation has updated its list of vehicles that can legally drive in the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane no matter how many people are in the car. The changes show us how the green car landscape is changing. Only ...

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    Report: Tesla making plans for Gigafactory in at least two states

    Ever since February, when Tesla officially announced that it would build a gigafactory to make the incredible number of lithium-ion batteries it expects to need to power its electric vehicles, we thought it would be located in one of four states. Those four states – Texas, Arizona, New ...

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    Exclusive: VW decides against active-cooling system for e-Golf lithium battery

    When the 2015 VW e-Golf was introduced at the LA Auto Show last year, VW said it would come with a water-cooled battery. During the Detroit Auto Show, when the car was trotted out again, VW released a new press release that stripped out the "water-cooled" language, but this change went unnoticed. ...

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    Report: How four states are trying to woo Tesla Motors' gigafactory

    And they're off! Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas are all in the running for Tesla Motors' gigafactory, USA Today says. And the politicians are already talking big, which is the operative word for a factory that could cost $5 billion, require 1,000 acres, take up 10 million square feet and ...

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    Report: Nissan testing new, heat-resistant batteries for Leaf

    As Nissan Leaf sales continue to heat up, the maker of the electric vehicle wants to cool concerns over hot-climate battery issues by making chemical adjustments to battery packs, Green Car Reports says. Nissan executives met with about 10 Leaf owners in Phoenix last week and said the company is ...

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    Report: Leaf owners not happy with Nissan's response to battery problems

    The weather may have cooled off in the Valley of the Sun, but not the sentiments of some Phoenix-area owners of Nissan Leaf electric vehicles. A town hall meeting that Nissan executives held with about 50 Leaf owners who felt scorned by the automaker for the EV's battery performance doesn't ...

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    Video: Nissan's Andy Palmer discusses Leaf battery degradation crisis [w/video]

    Chelsea Sexton, founder of the Lightning Rod Foundation, a co-founder of Plug In America, and star of Who Killed the Electric Car, recently sat down with Andy Palmer, executive vice president of Nissan, to discuss the Nissan Leaf and its battery degradation crisis in Arizona. You can watch the ...

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    Nissan Leaf spokesman Mark Perry retires during troubling times

    Is it just a coincidence that Mark Perry, director of product planning and advanced technology – and a spokesman for the Nissan Leaf who has provided plenty of information to AutoblogGreen over the years – just retired? A company spokesman told us that the move has been planned for a ...

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    Report: Nissan buys back two Leafs in Arizona under lemon laws [w/video]

    Hot on the heels of the first Fisker Karma lemon-law buyback, Nissan has confirmed that it bought back two Leaf electric vehicles in Arizona under that state's lemon law in response to ongoing battery issues there. There's a long and vibrant discussion of the situation over on My Nissan Leaf. ...

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    Report: Nissan drivers confirm heat taking toll on Leaf batteries

    Ouch. There's now some independent analysis that says the Nissan Leaf wilts in the heat. Led by Leaf owner Tony Williams, a group of Nissan EV owners tested a dozen Leafs in Phoenix last weekend. The group put the Leafs on a pre-planned route at pre-determined speeds to measure their fully ...

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    Report: Leaf owners challenge Nissan on "we don't have a battery problem"

    Things appear to be heating up in the desert. Some Nissan Leaf owners aren't buying the automaker's claim that suspected loss of battery capacity stems from issues related to the car's display readings and not fundamental battery issues. To prove the point, about a dozen Leaf drivers are ...

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    Report: Nissan dealing with charges of Leaf battery problems in Arizona [w/video]

    Some hot Arizona weather is cooling some Nissan Leaf owners' enthusiasm for their electric vehicles. Nissan is addressing complaints from five Arizona owners of Leafs who say the electric vehicles are losing battery capacity at a faster rate than advertised, reported KPHO, CBS's Phoenix ...

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    Official: Arizona-based GoE3 plans 500 Interstate-adjacent EV chargers by 2015

    Add one Arizona company to the list of entities looking to string together a network of electric-vehicle charging stations. GoE3 says it plans to build a network of Level 2 and Level 3 charging stations along U.S. interstates, with the first stations to open as part of an unnamed rally and ...

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    Report: Arizona lawmaker proposals per-mile electric-vehicle tax

    Because nothing says environmental sustainability like a per-mile tax on electric vehicles. That's what some Arizona legislators are proposing as a way to raise funds on the backs of those not paying taxes usually associated with fuel purchases. Arizona Representative Steve Farley is proposing ...

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    Report: Arizona repeals Clean Cars program after one year

    Arizona has repealed a lower vehicle emissions program that was patterned after California's rules after just one year in effect. The state government voted to instead match federal greenhouse-gas regulations. CronkiteNewsOnline reports that, last week, the Arizona Governor's Regulatory Review ...

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    Nissan gets a charge out of Ecotality in Arizona

    Ecotality, an electric transportation and storage company, has been big-timing it lately with the likes of Nissan. Together with the Pima Association of Governments (PAG), they have formed an EV Micro-Climate Working Group with a goal of making Pima County, which encompasses Tucson, Arizona, the ...

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    Arizona's new governor may abandon California greenhouse gas rules

    There may soon be one less state that uses California's carbon dioxide emissions standards for motor vehicles: Arizona. Before leaving office, former governor Janet Napolitano (D) issued an executive order requiring the state's Department of Environmental Quality to adopt the rules that would ...

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    Biodiesel group De Beers on-selling unproven algae technology

    U.S. biodiesel research company GreenFuel Technologies has licensed its process to produce biodiesel from algae to South African company De Beers Fuel fully two years before it will be ready for commercial application. That's not really so bad if De Beers want to be out in front and are willing to ...

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    Ecotality begins hydrogen fuel-cell ECObus tour of Arizona

    Ecotality, who bill themselves as a researcher, inventor, developer, acquirer, and licensor of proprietary green energy technologies, has partnered up with the Arizona Public Services (APS) to produce the ECObus, a mobile classroom for promoting hydrogen technologies. The 31-seat, zero-emissions ...

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    Southwest US could get 250MW solar power plant

    A group of southwestern US utility companies are working on plans to potentially build a 250MW power plant that harnesses the power of the sun. The plant would probably be based on solar trough technology instead of photo-voltaics, and could produce enough electricity for 160,000 to 200,000 homes. ...


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