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    Featured: Toyota showing off pop art special edition iQ in Portugal

    Toyota is showing off its European-market minicar iQ with a splash on the streets of Portugal. An ultra-limited edition Toyota iQ, called the iQ Urban Art was created by award-winning artist Joana Vasconcelos. There are only five editions going on sale, each one featuring a color scheme inspired ...

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    Report: Detroit's 'Anti-Auto Show' shows another side of the automobile

    Some would say this is akin to biting the hand that feeds you, but at least the creators of the so-called North American Anti-Auto Show in Detroit appear to have a sense of humor about it. The 'show' is actually an art exhibition put on by the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit at the city's ...

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    A zero emissions ride fit for display: Solar E-Trike by artist Josh Hadar

    New York metal sculptor Josh Hadar has created a solar electric trike that's got some kick to it. According to the artist, "The first test ride was a virtual wheelie-fest that left its rider sprawled on the ground." Four 12-volt lead-acid batteries power the 15 horsepower Mars Electric motor ...

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    Artist transforming Hummer into horse cart, i.e. why we love modern art [w/video]

    What is art? - Click above for high-res image gallery
    In 1948, American-born artist Man Ray wrote, "There is no progress in art, any more than there is progress in making love. There are simply different ways of doing it." This is nearly 30 years after he glued some spikes to the bottom of an ...

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    Pedal-powered Buick out of court and on the road again

    A little while back we brought you a video featuring footage of artist Michel de Broin's "Shared Propulsion Car" as he and some friends rolled it out of a garage, climbed in and began pedaling (yes, I said pedaling) their way a short distance down the street. The ride was short because, before they ...

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    Cool videos: air propelled train, personal street car

    Have you heard about Aeromovel, a train that is driven by compressed air? You can see the train (which has no on-board motor) as it uses a sail-like propulsion device on what looks like traditional train tracks in the video above. It's currently in use in Brazil and Indonesia. Below the fold is a ...

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    Talk about lightweight: a life-sized Hummer made from Styrofoam

    The SF Gate has an unusual article about artist Andrew Junge's latest work: a Hummer sculpted out of Styrofoam. Andrew scavenged the Styrofoam from the trash while at SF Recycling & Disposal's Artist In Residence Program. The Hummer, made from measurements of a bio-diesel Hummer, is 17 feet ...

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    Artist helps you visualize how many SUVs are sold in America

    In general humans tend to think at a very local scale. They can visualize the things that directly impact their lives, like how much they spend on groceries or rent. But as numbers grow beyond that local human scale they become increasingly abstract and hard to get your head around. How big is ...


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