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    Official: EPA's $9M clean diesel campaign could pay back $117M in health benefits

    Diesel fumes are bad for people. But diesel power is good for a lot of heavy-duty work. So, for now, one answer to threading the needle of that little conundrum is to make diesel engines as clean as possible. To that end, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced $9 million worth ...

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    Study: Exposure to smog while pregnant increases chance of childhood cancer

    There's more scientific research on the hazardous impacts of air pollution. Researchers at the Universirty of California, Los Angeles School of Public Health have found that living near traffic pollution during pregnancy and the first year of life might increase the likelihood of developing ...

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    Report: Your car's exhaust can cause, not just trigger, kids' asthma

    Stick your head too close to an old car's exhaust, and we're willing to be dollars to donuts that you'll start coughing. It turns out that vehicle exhaust isn't just bad for you until the air clears. All that nastiness has a serious long-term effect, and can even cause asthma in children. That's ...

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    Study: Traffic pollution exposure linked to autism in young children

    Living close to highways has built-in health hazards. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, asthma and carbon monoxide poisoning are two major public health problems caused by air pollution. Now, autism could be added to the list. Exposure to high levels of air pollution ...

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    Study: Exposure to traffic pollution negatively impacts children's health

    In recent times, it sometimes seems as though the emphasis on emissions is mostly related to CO2. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, as this greenhouse gas could cause the planet plenty of problems the longer we go (yes, it's still getting hotter) unless we significantly slash output ...

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    Childhood asthma. Another reason to quit carbon

    Just in case the issues of global warming, energy independence or fuel price volatility were not reasons enough to put away the car keys when possible, consider the fact that we are giving our children asthma. Fact? Yes. According to a new study just published in the journal, Environmental Health ...

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    Children who spend time near roads more likely to develop asthma

    As the good Rev. Lovejoy's wife often pleads, won't someone think of the children? Turns out, green car enthusiasts look out for children's health every day. Biodiesel, as we mentioned last week, has lower emissions than regular diesel. And this helps the children.The Great Lakes Radio Consortium ...


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