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    Report: Georgia EV advocates ready to stand up for tax incentives

    Like the University of Georgia and its punchy Bulldog mascot, Georgia's electric-vehicle advocates are about to get a little more pugilistic, says the Atlanta Business Chronicle. That's because, for the second straight year, some state politicos may look to end Georgia's electric-vehicle subsidy. ...

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    Study: Do urban walking and making money go hand-in-hand?
    Somehow, They Do. Sort Of. 1403715600

    Missing Persons famously sang that Nobody Walks In LA all the way back in 1982. But, according to one report, the times they are a changing. More people will soon be walking in that car-centric city than they do now, the theory goes. Just like they will in Boston, Miami, Atlanta and Detroit. A ...

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    Official: Georgia proposal to scale back EV credits falls short [CORRECTION]

    Last year, about one percent of Georgia's new vehicles were battery-electric, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reported last month and Atlanta was a Nissan Leaf hotspot for many months. Sales were likely helped by the fact that neighboring states like South Carolina and Tennessee had lower EV ...

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    Official: Atlanta, DC are two EV hotspots in patchwork quilt of green car demand

    To put a spin on the old Civil War story, Atlanta indeed is burning. But in this case, it's a good thing because the heat is a reference to the city's demand for electric vehicles. Atlanta is where EV demand is growing faster in that city than any other in the US, according to ChargePoint. The ...

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    Report: Georgia could end $5,000 EV subsidy by April 1

    Electric-vehicle advocates may really start believing the old Charlie Daniels song The Devil Went Down to Georgia after reading that one of that state's former politicians wants to abolish the local EV tax incentive. Former Alpharetta Mayor Chuck Martin says the state should cut its $5,000 perk ...

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    Read This: Personal testimonies show real-world effect of plugging in with Chevy Volt

    At this point, there are tens of thousands of individual stories about what it's like to live with a Chevrolet Volt. But it also remains informative to take a look at one of these in depth. For example, one Atlanta-area Volt owner says he's cut his cents-per-mile ownership costs by almost 40 ...

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    Official: Nissan Leaf sales ready to expand beyond early adopter markets in US

    One of the treasures of ZZ Top's excellent 1979 album Degüello is the rather funky track I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide. We can imagine that song blasting from the six-speaker sound system in Nissan Leaf all over the US now that Nissan is getting ready to get serious nationwide. The world's most ...

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    Report: Over half of all EVs in America are in these five cities

    If someone were to tell you that electric vehicles are popular in Los Angeles, there's no reason to be surprised. Same thing with San Francisco and New York City. But if someone were to tell you she had collected a list of the top five EV cities in the US, which would round out the list? The ...

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    Report: Wheego says it reaches equity deal with 'major' investor *UPDATE

    Yes, Wheego is still going. The Atlanta-based company, which makes the two-seat LiFe electric vehicle, has reached an agreement for an equity infusion from a "major" investor and has sold about three-dozen of its Smart ForTwo-sized vehicles, Forbes reports, citing company chief Mike ...

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    Atlanta joins Zipcar to promote car-sharing for city employees

    Zipcar has announced an agreement with the city of Atlanta to provide car-sharing memberships to its employees. However, the announcement doesn't stop there: Zipcar also joined Midtown Transportation Solutions (MTS) and the Downtown Transportation Management Association (DTMA) to provide free ...

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    Atlanta-area E85 will be cheap tomorrow - $1.85 a gallon for two hours

    click picture to enlargeSorry to anyone in Atlanta who could've used this information today, but I just noticed it now: a half-dozen fuel stations are offering E85 for $1.85 a gallon tomorrow. The low price - subsidized/sponsored by the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC), Clean FUEL ...

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    Program pays you to take mass-transit or carpool in Atlanta

    Got a resolution to drive less in 2007? If you live in or near Atlanta, that resolution might be easy to keep. I just watched this video on the Associated Press media site. The video shows how you can save some money if you happen to live in Atlanta and are open to the idea of mass-transit or ...

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    One-person electric cars offer yet another transportation option

    I was in Atlanta yesterday, but I didn’t see this unique little electric car darting through the city streets. Local TV news stations, like 11 Alive, covering this type of story often go for the “oh, isn’t that cute” so I was glad to see a slight bit of depth in this feature ...


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