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    Report: Tesla Model S EVs all have AT&T network built-in

    This isn't your father's electric vehicle. In fact, it belongs, in part, to "Ma Bell." It was revealed at the GigaOM Mobilize 2013 in San Francisco yesterday that the network powering the connected features in the Tesla Model S is from AT&T. Actually, the AT&T connection is in every ...

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    AT&T orders 1,200 compressed natural gas Chevrolet Express Vans from GM

    What's the biggest compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle order that GM has ever received? Thanks to an announcement yesterday from the automaker and AT&T, we now know the answer is 1,200 vehicles. That's how many Chevrolet Express Cargo Vans AT&T will get from The General. The dozen ...

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    AT&T orders 101 CNG-powered Chevrolet Express vans

    AT&T has ordered up 101 Chevrolet Express Cargo 2500 vans outfitted from the factory with General Motors' compressed natural gas (CNG) system. GM claims that the van's natural gas-capable Vortec 6.0-liter V8 engine gets a gasoline-equivalent fuel economy of 11 miles per gallon in the city and ...

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    Ford Focus Electric gets connected by AT&T

    Hot on the heels of Audi's announcement to use T-Mobile for its future wireless data needs, Ford has partnered with AT&T to provide connectivity to the 2012 Focus Electric. Nearly every EV or plug-in hybrid coming to market will offer some combination of embedded wireless data and an ...

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    AT&T's green fleet hits milestone of 1,500 CNG and 2,000 alternative fuel vehicles

    As corporate fleets across the globe have slowly transformed into a paradise for green cars, finding a company that hasn't revamped at least a portion of its vehicles over to greener technology is becoming harder and harder. Though AT&T would not be considered pioneers in the drive towards ...

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    Death Star goes electric: AT&T gets first Smith Newton for expanding alt-fuel fleet

    After announcing earlier this year that it would spend over half a billion dollars over the next decade to put 15,000 alternative fuel vehicles into its fleet, AT&T has added its first electric vehicle. The telecommunications giant is one of six big companies adding the Smith Electric ...

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    Death Star goes green, 15,000 alt-fuel vehicles coming to AT&T fleet

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    Although AT&T claims it wants to be more sustainable, today's announcement from the telecom behemoth is more about cutting operating expenses as fuel costs climb. Whatever the reason, the addition of 15,000 alternative fuel vehicles to the company's ...

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    AT&T adds 105 alternative fuel vehicles to service fleet

    The mostly reconstituted AT&T operates a huge fleet of vehicles nationwide in order to keep its communications infrastructure in working order. As such, it has a very strong financial incentive to cut petroleum use as fuel prices keep rising. To help address that, starting in June, Ma Bell add ...


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