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atvm loan

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    Official: DOE ready for more AVTMP loans, now focusing on suppliers

    The Department of Energy handed out four big loans in the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing loan program (ATVM): Fisker got $528.7 million (then went bankrupt) Nissan got $1.4 billion, Ford got $5.9 billion (both are repaying on schedule, as far as anyone knows) and Tesla got $465 milion, ...

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    Carbon Motors petitions for federal loan with open letter to Obama cabinet

    Carbon Motors, the manufacturer of the purpose-built E7 law enforcement vehicle, has sent an open letter to members of President Barack Obama's cabinet urging the administration to approve the company's Department of Energy Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing loan. Carbon Motors applied for ...

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    DOE finalizes Fisker's $528.7 million loan *UPDATE

    Fisker Sunset – Click for high-res image gallery
    Back in January, when we heard that the Department of Energy (DOE) had completed the paperwork for its $1.4 billion loan to Nissan, we accidentally worried a few people by using DOE-speak in the headline: "DC 2010: DOE Secretary Chu announces ...

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    V-Vehicle's DOE $250m loan application still in limbo, so $87m in state incentives are lost

    We have yet to see anything more from V-Vehicle Co. – the secretive start-up automaker that came out of stealth mode last summer with a big plan to build high-mileage, environmentally friendly vehicles – than the teaser image you see above and a short video (watch it here). We heard ...

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    Darryl Siry: How the Energy Department stifles innovation

    Darryl Siry is making the most of his perch at Wired's Autopia to bring interesting discussion topics to the attention of the green car community. The latest: how the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program (ATVMP) – intended to help put cleaner ...


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