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    Report: Tesla involved in federal probe? News to us, says Tesla

    A recent report indicates that there's a dark and shadowy secret just waiting to wreck havoc on Tesla Motors: a federal probe into whether, as the conservative Washington Times puts it, "the automaker was using foreign instead of American parts in manufacturing their electric vehicles." Tesla has ...

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    Aptera: We need government money to bring vehicle to market

    What's been happening at Aptera? The hyper-aerodynamic vehicle company is still moving forward, just not as fast as the original plans called for (remember when the car was supposed to be available in 2009 2010?). In the company's latest email newsletter, much space is dedicated to explaining ...

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    V-Vehicles tours D.C. with secretive high-mpg concept, still no pics

    V-Vehicle started with a strategy of secrecy and keeps on walking down the same path. A bit of corporate glad-handing brought the company's prototype vehicle to elected officials and DOE representatives in D.C. yesterday and, true to form, the event was off-limits to the general public (just like ...

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    V-Vehicle's DOE $250m loan application still in limbo, so $87m in state incentives are lost

    We have yet to see anything more from V-Vehicle Co. – the secretive start-up automaker that came out of stealth mode last summer with a big plan to build high-mileage, environmentally friendly vehicles – than the teaser image you see above and a short video (watch it here). We heard ...

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    President signs bill expanding ATVM program to three wheelers

    Aptera 2e final design rendering - Click above to enlarge
    When congress established the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) program in the 2007 energy bill, it explicitly said that it applied to making cars that come under the federal motor vehicle safety standards. Those safety ...

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    BREAKING: Fisker gets $528.7 million loan from U.S. DOE for Karma, Project Nina

    Fisker Karma - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Fisker's goal of becoming profitable by 2011 received a shot in the arm today thanks to the U.S. Energy Department's announcement that the upstart automaker will receive a $528.7 million conditional loan. The DOE says the loan, "will create or ...

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    Washington debates if the Aptera 2e should be considered a car

    Aptera 2e - Click above for high-res image gallery
    For some time now we have been discussing the status of vehicles like the Aptera 2e. While Aptera's tear drop-shaped creation promises to be highly efficient, there are concerns about the safety of vehicles like this and others, like the Zap ...

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    Report: VP Joe Biden to announce stimulus battery grants in Detroit on Wednesday

    Vice President Joe Biden will be delivering a speech on the economic recovery efforts that have been implemented thus far at the NextEnergy Center in Detroit on Wednesday. The Detroit News is reporting that Biden will be using the occasion to announce the first round of battery research grants from ...

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    Tesla to use sales revenue, Daimler cash for DOE loans instead of new equity

    Tesla Model S - click above for high-res image gallery
    In the months leading up to the recent announcement that Tesla Motors would receive $465 million in low cost loans from the Department of Energy, we expressed some skepticism that the company would qualify. Our skepticism was based in part on ...

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    Officially, official: Nissan gets $1.6B DOE loan to build EVs, batteries in Tennsessee

    Nissan EV-02 prototype - click above for high res image gallery
    Nissan has just announced that the Department of Energy has approved its request for a $1.6 billion low interest loan under the ATVM program. The money will be used to update the Smyrna, TN factory to build up to 150,000 battery ...

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    Officially, official: Tesla gets $465m in loans from the DOE to build Model S, EV powertrains

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Tesla Model S
    After many months of anxiously waiting, Tesla Motors officially got the word from the Department of Energy that it would the loan interest loans that it was seeking. Tesla and the DOE announced that the California EV maker will get two loans ...

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    Ford gets first DoE loan, Nissan and Tesla expected winners

    Ford Focus EV Mule - Click above for high-res gallery
    The U.S. Department of Energy will finally announce the first recipient of low interest loans under the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Incentive Program. The first winner is Ford, and analysts expect the DoE to announce Nissan and ...

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    REPORT: Nissan considering building EVs and batteries in the U.S.

    Nissan EV-02 prototype - click above for high res image gallery
    Earlier this year, Nissan applied for low interest loans under the Department of Energy Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing incentive Program. In order to qualify for those loans, Nissan would have to use it to build something ...

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    No DOE ATVM loan money for GM and Chrysler

    The same rules that could potentially end up keeping Tesla from qualifying for low interest loans from the Department of Energy Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Incentive Program are also keeping General Motors and Chrysler out of the running. In order to qualify for the loan program, an ...

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    Aptera to go to Washington to fight for DOE loans

    click above for a high res gallery of the Aptera
    Aptera wants a piece of the $25 billion Department of Energy Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program loan pie. Unfortunately for the California startup they can't have any because the program is companies making high efficiency "cars." ...

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    A little sunlight on the Nissan DOE loan: it's for EVs

    Automotive News has answered the question why Nissan applied for that DOE loan program: electric cars and advanced batteries, despite the lack of plans for development in the mid-term. Nissan hasn't confirmed the amount of money it wants to borrow even though the application was sent in in ...

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    Tesla to unveil Model S on March 26, hopes for DOE money by summer

    In a newsletter distributed today by Tesla Motors, CEO Elon Musk provides an update on the business including an announcement that a driveable prototype of the Model S would be unveiled on March 26. The Model S reveal will take place at the Southern California headquarters of Musk's other company, ...

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    Nissan applies for DOE loan program, purpose unknown

    To date there have been 75 applications for low cost loans from the US Department of Energy through the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Incentive Program. Only one of those has been from a Japan-based automaker, Nissan. The ATVMIP is the $25 billion fund created as part of the 2007 ...

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    Tesla says federal loans needed for Model S sedan

    After yesterday's good news regarding delivery of the 100th Tesla Roadster, it's back to number-crunching reality. Tesla CEO Elon Musk told the Detroit Free Press that if the electric car maker doesn't get a $350 million loan from the government, then the Model S will be delayed and San Jose plant ...


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