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    Exclusive: Why the $142M Fisker sale won't help DOE loan get its $168M back

    At the beginning of 2014, it looked like Hybrid Tech Holdings LLC was going to buy the remains of Fisker Automotive for $25 million. Just before that sale was to take place, however, Wanxiang stepped in and an auction was therefore scheduled for the middle of February. After 19 rounds of ...

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    Read This: Vehicle Production Group's bad DOE loan put up for auction

    The US Department of Energy (DOE) is trying out a new solution to loans that have flopped – auctioning them off. A $50-million loan previously award to Vehicle Production Group LLC (VPG) through the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing loan program (ATVMP) has gone unpaid. VPG, a ...

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    Report: Tesla selling new stock, debt worth $830m in order to pay off DOE loan

    Anyone paying attention to the electric vehicle scene for the last few weeks knows that the stock value of Tesla Motors has been climbing faster than a SpaceX rocket. As of this writing, TSLA is sitting pretty at $92 a share. Three weeks ago, it was at a then-record-high of $53. In light of all ...

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    Report: DOE still has $16.6 billion left in ATVM loan program

    The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) is questioning why Department of Energy (DOE) loan funds are not paying out as planned. The participation hurdle is high, and there's about $16.6 billion in green vehicle loan appropriations going unused, the GAO found. The funds come from DOE's 2005 ...

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    Report: Obama calls for spending $2 billion in oil lease revenues on clean vehicles

    President Obama wants to know how many clean cars $2 billion can buy. In an announcement expected later today, the President is expected to ask Congress to use $2 billion that the government has raised from allowing oil and gas exploration in the Outer Continental Shelf to fund clean energy ...

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    Report: Tesla involved in federal probe? News to us, says Tesla

    A recent report indicates that there's a dark and shadowy secret just waiting to wreck havoc on Tesla Motors: a federal probe into whether, as the conservative Washington Times puts it, "the automaker was using foreign instead of American parts in manufacturing their electric vehicles." Tesla has ...

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    Official: Bright Automotive gets dimmed, will shut down because of DOE loan program delays

    Bright Automotive will shut down after the maker of the extended-range plug-in utility vehicles said the federal government took too long to make good on its planned loans to the Michigan-based company, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing a letter company executive sent to U.S. Energy ...

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    Report: Chrysler withdraws government loan request, calls DOE terms too restrictive

    If you have a hate on for automakers that take government money then it may be time to upwardly revise your feelings towards Chrysler. The pentastar brand had originally sought up to $7 billion from the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) loan program, though since its original ...

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    White House audit finds oversight needed with DOE advanced vehicle loans

    If you worry that you might lose $10 billion but then only lose $3 billion, is that a success? That's the current fiscal reality of the Department of Energy's advanced energy projects loan guarantee program, the one that most people know simply because it gave a loan guarantee to Solyndra, which ...

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    Aptera: We need government money to bring vehicle to market

    What's been happening at Aptera? The hyper-aerodynamic vehicle company is still moving forward, just not as fast as the original plans called for (remember when the car was supposed to be available in 2009 2010?). In the company's latest email newsletter, much space is dedicated to explaining ...

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    DC 2011: GM on DOE loan withdrawal: "It says a lot about the financial health of the company"

    Today, General Motors basically told the U.S. government: we're doing fine. It did this by withdrawing its $14.4 billion loan request from the Department of Energy (DOE) through the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program (ATVMP). The withdrawl request was conveyed to the DOE this ...

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    General Motors withdraws $14.4B loan request from DOE

    Earlier today, General Motors announced that it is withdrawing its request for $14.4 billion in direct loans from the Department of Energy's (DOE) $25-billion program aimed at retooling factories for the production of fuel-efficient vehicles. GM's chief financial officer Chris Liddel, outlined ...

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    Most Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program (ATVMP) money delayed

    To date, only four loans from the DOE's Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan (ATVMP) program have been fully processed: $528.7 million to Fisker, $1.4 billion to Nissan, $465 milion to Tesla and $5.9 billion to Ford. Add them all up, and you get to around $8.3 billion. That might sound ...

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    Coda Sedan now $76 million closer to reality with Series D investment *UPDATE

    Coda Sedan – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Coda Holdings, the company behind the all-electric Coda Sedan, announced today that is has raised another $76 million. The money was raised in a Series D referred investment round, which has now closed, and brings Coda's total invested ...

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    XP Vehicles has an idea: file a lawsuit against the DOE for ATVMP funds

    Remember XP Vehicles, the "pre-revenue start-up" that issued a statement 13 months ago saying it was "Extremely Disappointed in DOE Rejection of [its] ATVM Application" and asking people to petition the government to help the company? The rejection came after XP asked for money from the ...

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    V-Vehicles tours D.C. with secretive high-mpg concept, still no pics

    V-Vehicle started with a strategy of secrecy and keeps on walking down the same path. A bit of corporate glad-handing brought the company's prototype vehicle to elected officials and DOE representatives in D.C. yesterday and, true to form, the event was off-limits to the general public (just like ...

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    DOE finalizes Fisker's $528.7 million loan *UPDATE

    Fisker Sunset – Click for high-res image gallery
    Back in January, when we heard that the Department of Energy (DOE) had completed the paperwork for its $1.4 billion loan to Nissan, we accidentally worried a few people by using DOE-speak in the headline: "DC 2010: DOE Secretary Chu announces ...

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    V-Vehicle's DOE $250m loan application still in limbo, so $87m in state incentives are lost

    We have yet to see anything more from V-Vehicle Co. – the secretive start-up automaker that came out of stealth mode last summer with a big plan to build high-mileage, environmentally friendly vehicles – than the teaser image you see above and a short video (watch it here). We heard ...

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    Ford invests $155 million in Cleveland Plant No. 1 for newer EcoBoost engines new V6 engines

    Last May, Ford began making the new, more efficient 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine for vehicles like the Ford Flex, Ford Taurus SHO, Lincoln MKS sedan and Lincoln MKT crossover at its Cleveland Engine Plant No. 1. That plant was closed in 2007 (after opening in 1951) but was brought back from the ...

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    Tesla CEO Musk used private jet 12 times to lobby Washington for DOE loans

    When the CEOs of the three Detroit based automakers used corporate jets to fly to Washington in late 2008, they were eviscerated by the national media and grandstanding politicians. Within weeks, all three companies had canceled the leases on those aircraft and all future travel by Detroit ...


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