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    Official: Someone starts a new Car2go carsharing trip every 2.5 seconds

    In the fall of 2009, a big idea using little cars got its US start in Austin, TX. That's when Daimler's Car2go carsharing program first came to North America after its global debut in Ulm, Germany. The idea was simple: let people rent a car for just a few minutes at a time, and let them end their ...

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    Report: Plug-in vehicles aren't killing the grid

    To paraphrase Mark Twain, rumors of the grid's demise on account of more plug-in vehicles are greatly exaggerated. And, while time is money, when it comes to electric-vehicle charging, more money means less time. At least, less time during peak demand. Plug-in vehicle owners in a cluster of ...

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    Official: Car2go adds airport parking to carsharing deal in Austin

    A carsharing company has started up a new service designed to take some of the hassles out of air travel. Daimler subsidiary Car2go has added a partnership in Austin, TX, with The Parking Spot, a leading near-airport parking company. The new partnership allows Car2go members to park their Smart ...

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    Of all places, Texas taking a leading role in EV charging infrastructure

    When discussions of electric vehicle charging infrastructures come up, the west coast is often the focus, since California is the obvious EV leader. But what about Texas? While pickup trucks, longhorns and the ability to drive 85 miles per hour may come to mind first, there's been a lot going on ...

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    Official: OnStar EcoHub app tracks price of electricity used to charge Chevy Volt

    The climbing price placards being hung at the neighborhood gas station aren't making too many people happy. Now, drivers of some Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric vehicles are getting their own version of those signs, and it's likely they're actually happy about it, by comparison. General ...

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    Official: Austin homeowners work with GM, OnStar on Volt-testing project

    With the slogan "Keep Austin Weird," the Texas capital has long prided itself on thinking a little different than the rest of the state, let alone the country. That's why General Motors and its OnStar vehicle-navigation system decided to work with residents in one of the city's residential ...

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    Report: Electric cab company hit with hundreds of tickets in Austin [w/video]

    A recent arrest has re-ignited a three-year battle between Electric Cab of Austin, TX and the City's Transportation Department, proving again that the legal status of low-speed electric vehicles is a gray area in a lot of places in the U.S. Last Sunday, a driver for Electric Cab of Austin was ...

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    Austin, Texas proposes unlimited plug-in vehicle charging for just $50/year

    How's this for a bargain? City council members in Austin, TX have brought forth a motion calling for an annual $50, unlimited use rate plan for plug-in vehicle charging. The proposed rates would apply to Austin Energy's "Plug-in Everywhere" service and would enable drivers of electric vehicles to ...

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    Car2Go car sharing program opens to the public in Austin, TX

    When Daimler launched its Car2Go car sharing program as a pilot project in Austin, Texas six months ago, it was only available to municipal employees and some some selected partner organizations. Daimler has now decided to open up the program to the general public in Austin. Other car sharing ...

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    Livestrong is Daimler's second partner in Austin's Car2go car-sharing service

    Car2go Smart Fortwo – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Daimler's Car2go car-sharing program in Austin, TX just got its second beta partner. The City of Austin was the first group to work with Daimler in the city in a partnership that gives the city's 13,000 employees access to any of ...

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    Forget Zipcar - Smart reportedly readying car2go car-sharing program in Texas

    Steers and Smarts - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Daimler announced in March it would bring the tiny Smart car to the big state of Texas through its car-sharing service car2go. At the time, the German automaker declared that entering the Austin market with 200 ForTwos was "the next ...

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    car2go, carsharing in the smart fortwo, comes to Austin, Texas this fall

    Click above to see more steers and smarts
    You know what state needs more smart fortwos? Texas. That must have been Daimler's thinking before approving an expansion of the car2go carsharing service there. Daimler started car2go in Ulm, Germany last October and it will be coming to Austin, Texas - ...

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    Austin Alt Car: Future Prospects for Plug-in Hybrids

    As I said earlier, the panels at the Austin Alt Car expo were heavily focused on plug-in vehicles. The last discussion on Friday continued the trend and was called "Future Prospects for Plug-in Hybrids" and the participants acknowledged that their presentations were treading over some of the same ...

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    Austin Alt Car: Will Consumers Buy In? Duh.

    If you want to get an answer to the question of whether or not consumers will flock to plug-in vehicles, Southern California Edison's Ed Kjaer and Better Place's Sven Thesen would be great people to get to put up some answers. That's exactly what happened at the Austin Alt Car expo last weekend, ...

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    Austin Alt Car: PHEV opportunities and challenges for utilities

    When was the last time you talked to your electric power company? I mean, really sat down and had a good chat about when they should send you power and when they shouldn't? Have you told them when you'd like to have the air conditioner shut off and let the home warm up because no one will be home? ...

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    Austin Alt Car: obscene amount of information on the smart grid and plug-in vehicles

    Gridpoint's Steve Hauser
    The overwhelming theme of the discussion panels at the Austin Alt Car expo last weekend was plug-in vehicles. From questions of infrastructure to the vehicles themselves to the grid load, the weekend served as a crash course in the state of the PHEV industry. Throughout ...

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    Austin Alt Car: Z Wheelz shows off Porsche EV and ZW2

    click to enlarge
    The two vehicles that Gary Krysztopik and Z Wheelz brought to Alt Cat Austin this weekend could not be more different. One the one hand, we have the ZW2 (above), a hot rod like trike with all sorts of chrome. The three-wheeled bike is Krysztopik's prototype kit car - one in a ...

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    Austin Alt Car: Out of this world electric two-wheeled vehicles

    Here in Austin, Texas, one of the big sellers of electric-powered two-wheeled vehicles is Alien Scooters. On the floor of the Austin Alt Car Expo, the shop has a large display area full of two-wheeled EVs. Oh, and inflatable aliens. We've covered a lot of these vehicles in the past (I smiled when I ...

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    Austin Alt Car: Congressman Lloyd Doggett talks PHEV tax credits and GM's influence

    U.S. Congressman Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) was present at the Alt Car Expo in Austin, Texas yesterday. This is quite the reasonable place for him to be, not just because he's the Representative from this area but because he's been a long-time promoter of more government support for plug-in ...

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    Austin Alt Car: Austin Energy ends Plug-in Partners, unveils new smart charging software

    L to R: Duncan, Kaplan, Doggett.
    The one press announcement at this weekend's Alt Car Expo in Austin, Texas had to do with the efforts of the local utility, Austin Energy. Austin Energy is hosting this Expo, and used it to mark the end of the Plug-in Partners campaign. Wait, using an alt car show ...


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