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    Report: WAVE 2014 is an EV rally fit for the Alps [w/video]

    Not like we would need an excuse to join a few hundred friends for a springtime plug-in vehicle drive through the Swiss Alps, but the World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) is providing us with one. WAVE is putting on its annual shindig between May 31 and June 7, entrant Green Motorsport says, ...

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    Official: Tesla expands Supercharger network in central Europe

    While you can't drive a Tesla from the US to Europe, Model S drivers on both sides of the pond are seeing a robust Supercharger network. Today, Tesla announced that enough stations exist in central Europe to get a Model S from Amsterdam to cities 500 or 600 miles away in the Alps. As in the US, ...

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    Official: Lead-acid mild hybrid demonstration vehicle boosts fuel economy, not costs

    A consortium proposing the use of a lead-acid battery as a cheaper, more effective alternative to vehicle hybridization is showing off its Volkswagen Passat demonstration vehicle in Austria this week. The Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC), along with Controlled Power Technologies ...

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    Two Wheels: Ronnie Renner races KTM Electric Bike prototype through Austria

    Pro FMX Rider Ronnie Renner recently had a realization that happens to a lot of people who ride an electric bike – it may use an electric motor and not an internal combustion engine, but the torque and horsepower sure are exceptional. Oh, and it's a lot of fun to ride. Renner visited KTM ...

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    Two Wheels: KTM E-Speed brings slice-and-dice sexy to electric scooters

    Quick. If we say, "electric scooter," what springs to mind? A retro-styled off-brand offering from China? A plush maxi-sized conveyance for mature riders? Anything except, we imagine, the E-Speed concept from KTM that was just revealed at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. This sexy little beastie could ...

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    Official: Audi unveils power-wheelie-ing e-bike in Austria

    Audi this week is following up companies such as Daimler AG's Smart division by unveiling a battery-powered bicycle for two-wheeled enthusiasts. And this one can do wheelies and has the power-to-weight ratio of an A4. Audi's e-bike Wörthersee, named after the town in Austria, has a top ...

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    Official: Fisker Karma will enter inaugural Bodensee-Elektrik Rallye in the Alps

    Financial concerns are one thing. No one ever said a Fisker Karma wouldn't look stunning cruising through the Swiss Alps. Thus, it's good to know that the California-based extended-range plug-in vehicle maker will have the chance to show off its Karma luxury sedan across the pond in the ...

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    Austrian government launches 100 unit EV test program with Th!nk

    The Austrian government is the latest to jump into the electric vehicle testing field with a program called the Vlotte EV project. 100 electric vehicles will be operated in the first of several such programs around the country this year. This first test will be run in the Bregenz region in the ...

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    German journalists eke out 73 mpg in a production car

    This time, a high mile per gallon number was recorded in Europe and not with a Peugeot. A group of German motor journalists managed to get 3.2 l/100 km (73 mpg U.S.) in a Skoda Fabia TDI Greenline. The car had a 1.4 TDI (diesel) engine good for 80 HP. The thirty-six journalists (we're guessing not ...

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    Haute couture meets car: Life Ball Mini by Agent Provocateur

    We're quite used to seeing the Mini used as an "art" icon, whether it's covered with cow skin or drifting over water. Now it's time for underwear design company "Agent Provocateur" to show us theirs - as in a customized Mini Clubman dressed as a very special police car. Let's check their ...

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    BMW 316i - giving frugal diesels a run for the money in Austria

    BMW is going to start selling the 316i in Austria this month. The vehicle's small engine, mated to the Bavarian marque's "Efficient Dynamics" package, makes the 3-series' entry car a competent performer. The 1.6 liter engine puts out 122 HP while using 5.9 liters of gas per 100 km (that's about 40 ...

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    Ford creates "green" labelling for Austrian market: ecosport

    Ford in Austria has decided to launch its own "green" label of cars which will fit into the new anti-pollution legislation that was passed recently. This legislation creates government rebates according to a vehicle's CO2 emission levels.. Therefore, instead of the "ECOnetic" brand elsewhere in ...

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    First cellulosic biomethane station to be opened in Austria

    Salzburg AG, an Austrian energy company, is opening next month in Eugendorf its first cellulosic biomethane gas station, although the blend on sale will be 80 percent of regular natural gas and 20 percent of methane obtained from renewable resources. The opening of the fuelling station will also ...

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    Austria institutes CO2-based bonus-malus tax system for cars

    Austria is also changing its taxing system to "punish" the most polluting cars on the road. The new tax scheme, which is called NoVa-Reform, consists of a bonus-malus system that saves or adds taxes to cars depending on a number of factors. The system results more complicated than the British or ...

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    Eastern European biodiesel production up and up

    Rapeseed fields yield biodiesel boom for Eastern Europe.Major biodiesel plant openings in Hungary and Slovenia signal continued growth in biodiesel produced in Eastern Europe. With biodiesel now required as a percentage of all diesel sold in affluent Western European countries like Germany and ...


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