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    Report: Tesla's gains on the dealership status quo are freaking people out
    EV Automaker Wins Dealer Fight in NY, Trending To Win In NJ 1403038860

    Tesla took two more steps towards being allowed to sell its vehicles as it chooses (that is, direct to customers) this week. Legislative efforts in New Jersey and New York both gave the California automaker legal permission (or near permission) to operate its stores. It's gotten so bad – or ...

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    CARB Chair Mary Nichols tweaks automakers for fighting ZEV mandates

    Mary Nichols, chairman of California Air Resources Board, recently took a jab at automaker trade groups for urging the US Environmental Protection Agency to block California's zero emission vehicle (ZEV) mandates. They're undermining the progress they've been making in creating the market for ...

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    Report: White House lowers 2025 CAFE target to 54.5 mpg

    What's the difference between 56.2 and 54.5 mpg? Way more than 1.7 mpg, that's for sure. The Detroit News is reporting that the Obama White House is dialing down the proposed 2025 fuel economy requirement to 54.5 mpg. Earlier, we had heard that 62 mpg would be the new target for 2025 – ...

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    Business groups ask President Obama to set up electric vehicle task force

    President Obama has been touting plug-in vehicles for a while now – beginning, in fact, with his campaign pledge to get a million plug-in hybrids on the road by 2015 –but words and a bunch of federal spending aren't enough for some people. Recently, auto industry lobbyists called for ...

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    Electric vehicles supporters testify on Promoting Electric Vehicles Act of 2010

    Today, the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources heard testimony on expanding the presence of electric cars in America. In short, the hearing gave plug-in vehicle supporters a chance to tell lawmakers what they think of this new breed of vehicles. There was a lot said in favor of ...

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    Auto Alliance speaks out against CARB's possible "feebate" program

    The Auto Alliance does not like feebates as a way to get cleaner vehicles on the road. Dave McCurdy, Alliance president & CEO, says a "feebate tax" [his words] is not the way to enact change. Why does the Alliance feel the need to speak out against feeble? Because the California Air Resources ...

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    Positive reactions to new CAFE rules abound

    First reactions to the new CAFE standards announced yesterday are positive, with both the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Auto Alliance praising the new Clean Cars rules. UCS called the new 34.1 miles per gallon by 2016 number "a really big deal" that will allow Americans to "drive vehicles ...

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    Auto Allliance, 13 other organizations tell EPA and DOE to go slow on E15 decision

    The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and 13 other groups that make up over 90 percent of the retail gasoline providers in the U.S. have issued a joint letter to the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Transportation and the White House asking that any decision on introducing E15 ...

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    Cash for Clunkers update: IRS taxes rebates, Chrysler in a good kind of trouble, more

    The Cash For Clunkers program, officially known as CARS, is a program in flux. If you missed the CARS news over the weekend, read this post. Here's what has happened since then: The White House was pushing the Senate to act today, making it very clear that CARS has pushed average mpg numbers ...

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    Money's not there for flex-fuel and other advanced technologies, automakers say

    Here's the thing: American automakers used to fully support E85-capable (aka flex-fuel) vehicles. With a few cheap additions to a standard engine ($100, or thereabouts), a car could get a special badge, drink corn (where available) and get the automaker a bit of goodwill, especially from ...

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    Who knew? May is National EcoDriving Month

    I doubt that the Auto Alliance got official sanctioning for this (where would you go, Congress?) but May has been declared "National EcoDriving Month." That means that the Alliance and their EcoDrivingUSA program are out "encouraging all drivers to take simple steps to improve their fuel efficiency ...

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    Auto Alliance responds to EPA's CO2 warning

    Today's EPA's decision to put CO2 on the list of greenhouse gases that endanger human health sets up a totally predictable confrontation with the Auto Alliance. The reason is that if CO2 can be regulated, then there is the potential for individual states (i.e., California) to enact their own ...

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    Auto Alliance CEO: automakers "Embrace Change," want national regulations

    Auto Alliance President and CEO Dave McCurdy has released an Op-Ed titled "Embracing Change" in which he unsurprisingly uses can-do enthusiasm to explain just how well the big automakers are gearing up for the low-carbon economy and don't want a nasty patchwork of laws. McCurdy repeats the ...

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    Obama looks to change California's EPA waiver status; big changes could follow

    Photo by BohPhoto. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.
    Big news on the emissions regulation front today. For years, California has been in the driver's seat (or at least the co-pilot's chair) when it comes to American emissions regulations thanks to the grandfathered ability of the state ...

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    Auto Alliance CEO has another cash for clunkers idea

    Photo by Bien Stephenson. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.
    Yesterday, we wrote about two "cash for clunkers" ideas being discussed by U.S. and German lawmakers. Over on Gristmill, the president and CEO of the Auto Alliance, Dave McCurdy, has detailed a separate plan that would pay ...

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    Thanks, team! AutoblogGreen takes fifth in EcoDriving challenge

    Need a quick little something to do during your lunch break? The EcoDriving game from the Auto Alliance has been up since September and AutoblogGreen readers have managed to - as a team - come in fifth place in the overall rankings. To mark our/your ecodriving skills, the Auto Allliance has paid to ...

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    Auto Alliance: fuel efficiency takes a back seat to survival

    Bailouts, ever-increasing CAFE standards, dropping sales. It's not an easy time to be in the auto industry these days, but someone's got to speak up for the automakers. That person is Charlie Territo, communications director for the Auto Allliance, who we last spoke with at the New York Auto Show. ...

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    Auto Alliance president talks about the other president and changes in Washington

    Following the big change that swept through American politics on Nov. 4, there has been a lot of celebration in a lot of places. Over at the Auto Allliance, the association made up of BMW Group, Chrysler LLC, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Jaguar Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz USA, ...

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    More automakers make their true feelings known about CAFE

    Though BMW was the first automaker to contact the Bush Administration with concerns about the latest CAFE rules, it didn't take long for more to speak up. As represented by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, the Detroit 3, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and others have banded together to ...

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    Auto Alliance, Pew Campaign have different responses to Vermont GHG decision

    Some are happy, some are sad with the decision yesterday by Judge Sessions in Vermont on the possibility of state fuel economy rules that would, in effect, supplant federal legislation. On the one hand, we have the Pew Campaign for Fuel Efficiency, on the other we have the Auto Alliance. Pew ...


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