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    Video: Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Fuel cells are 'so bullsh*t'

    Elon Musk is unafraid to speak his mind. Whether he's talking about other players in the electric vehicle space or sub-par reporting from The New York Times, this is a man with few filters. To further illustrate this point we need look no further than yesterday's address to an enthusiast crowd at ...

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    Get your Geld ready: Germany issues final draft on CO2-based taxes

    Changing the road tax legislation in Germany wasn't an easy thing to do. This tax is managed at the state level, but a nationwide modification will be enforced now that the German federal government has decided to give €9 billion in compensation to the states. The new road tax, like similar ...

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    Germany could get CO2 bonus/malus system starting in 2009

    Photo by toby_2008. Under CCL 2.0
    Although more focused on rejuvenating car sales than protecting the environment, Germany has decided on new measures to promote greener cars. Currently, the measure is not yet fully defined, but this is what Federal Minister of Environmental Affairs Siegmar ...

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    No Autobahn speed limits? Not so fast say German Social Democrats!

    Just days after German Chancellor Angela Merkel apparently shot down the idea of imposing across the board speed limits on the autobahn, the issue is back. Merkel leads the Christian Democrats who are in a coalition with the Social Democrats in the German parliament. At the SPD party congress the ...


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