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autonomous vehicles

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    Official: Tesla D is, as expected, an AWD Model S but new autopilot features surprise [w/video]
    At Reveal Event, Crowd Loves Autopark, Autoarrive Tech 1412912880

    To say that the Internet was excited about the mysterious Tesla D before tonight's official announcements were made is a terrible understatement. Amid a bunch of excited tweets and frustrating attempts at getting a livestream from the event, USA Today published the first story that described some ...

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    1956 Firebird II was GM's shark-like connected car [w/video]

    In some circles, the 1956 Firebird II concept is a famous example of some everything-plus-the-kitchen sink futuristic thinking, but for some reason we've never featured it on AutoblogGreen. Since we came across a shiny example at the 21st World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in ...

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    Read This: A Millennial explains what it'll take for him to buy a car, any car

    There's more bad news for the auto industry about Millennials – members of the 16-to-34 year old generation really don't want to buy cars and there are lots of them. Dave Mosher, projects editor for Popular Science, looked into a camera for his "rant" and gave five reasons why he and his ...

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    Report: What is Tesla doing looking for autonomous driving engineers?

    Like iPhone acolytes reading Apple patents for clues to future tech, it's possible to look at the job posting from Tesla Motors to get a clue about next-gen models. That's what our friend David Herron did over at Torque News when he discovered more details on the automaker possibly building ...

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    Thinking about how driverless cars may impact sprawl, private car ownership

    Whether it's Volvo's project SARTRE or Google's driverless car, autonomous vehicles are on the horizon. The question now becomes, what will the view of that horizon look like when they get here. For now, only Nevada has laws on the books to allow self-driving cars on the road, but Robert ...

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    Development of next-gen Chevrolet EN-V electric concept underway

    Work on the next-generation EN-V electric concept vehicle – General Motors' vision of a zero-emissions future – is officially underway. This time 'round, the EN-V will get Chevrolet's Bowtie badge. Ultimately, General Motors sees the EN-V as an electric urban mobility vehicle that ...

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    Report: General Motors urban EN-V concept needs more precise GPS

    EN-V concepts – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When General Motors revealed its trio of EN-V concepts in early 2010, they were an instant hit. The thing is, their appearance looks like they come from about 15 years in the future. This might be fitting since these autonomous, ...

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    Driverless ULTra electric podcars already cutting emissions at London's Heathrow Airport

    While robotic vehicles out on the open road move forward in prototype form, a system of driverless electric podcars with dedicated tracks is now operational at London's Heathrow Airport. The system, which has been operating on a trial basis since April of 2011 and is entering regularly scheduled ...

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    Report: General Motors looking to launch 2nd-gen EN-V by 2020

    General Motors is reportedly working on the second-generation EN-V electric and aims to offer a mass-produced version by 2020, according to Autocar. Modifications to be made to the second-gen EN-V include enlargement of the vehicle's pod-like exterior structure and more interior space. ...

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    Video: SARTRE autonomous vehicle in action shows road train is possible

    SARTRE Road Test – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Looks like things are progressing nicely with project SARTRE, the road train that can help cut emissions. We last wrote about them in December when the team announced that they would be moving from simulation work to actual ...

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    Video: ABC News gets taken for a spin in Google's self-driving Toyota Prius

    ABC News goes for a spin with one of Google's driverless cars – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Google's autonomous fleet has been clandestinely racking up the computer-driven miles, and so far, their autonomous autos have been fault-free. One minor incident happened when a car ...

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    GM demonstrates EN-V podcars' autonomous driving skills at Expo 2010

    GM EN-V concepts – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Just days ago, the latest electric vehicle concepts from General Motors went through some rather unusual trial runs outside of the SAIC-GM Pavilion at Shanghai's Expo Park. The vehicles, known as the EN-V models and consisting of ...

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    GM and Carnegie Mellon University to collaborate on vehicle research

    General Motors and Carnegie Mellon University have decided to continue the work that resulted in victory in the DARPA Urban Challenge last year. The school and the automaker are establishing a collaborative research lab to continue the work they have done on autonomous driving. The lab will be ...

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    MIT working on semi-autonomous cars that adapt to drivers

    The mavens at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are always up to something interesting. The latest project out of the MIT AgeLab is the Aware Car. What looks like a conventional Volvo to the casual observer is in fact bristling with sensors. All modern cars have sensors aplenty. However ...


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