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    2009 Toyota Aygo drops CO2 emissions to 106 g/km

    Click the Aygo for a high res gallery
    For the last several years, European drivers have had the option to buy a Toyota even smaller than the Yaris, a model known as the Aygo. The Aygo is built in a joint venture with Peugeot/Citroen and all three have received a refresh for 2009. The Aygo is ...

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    UK: Toyota Aygo gets the blues

    Click image to enlargeWhile US automakers like GM ponder whether or not our market is ready for an ultra-compact city car, in Europe, the segment's old news. Ultra-compact, easy on the wallet, and stingy with fuel, urbanites have a wide range of vehicles from which to choose. Toyota has a stylish ...

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    Is this a prototype for a new Toyota Smart competitor?

    Peugeot 107 near Ann Arbor, click for high-res gallery digg_url = ''; For the past six months, I've been seeing several Peugeot 107s on the road in the area near my office and home. At first I ...


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