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b-class e-cell

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    Report: Mercedes B-Class E-Cell will get Tesla powertrain

    Unveiled at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show, the Mercedes-Benz Concept B-Class E-Cell Plus was meant to be a preview of the German automaker's first range-extended electric vehicle. Along with a battery pack to power it for 100 kilometers (62 miles), it was also to feature a 1.0-liter ...

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    Report: Mercedes will sell extended-range B-Class in U.S.

    Mercedes-Benz plans on selling the B-Class extended-range plug-in vehicle that it premiered last September at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in the U.S., Automotive News reports, citing an interview with Joachim Schmidt, head of the German automaker's sales and marketing division. A ...

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    Daimler testing B-Class E-Cell plug-in hybrid with inductive charging *UPDATE

    Whether its WiFi vs. ethernet or cell phones vs. land lines, it's pretty clear that wireless technology is more appealing to people than wired ones. The same will some day be true of plug-in cars, since companies like Rolls-Royce and Toyota, Nissan and Volvo are all trying to get energy from the ...


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