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    In preparing for World Cup, Brazil buses go biofuel

    Brazil gets to showcase two of its passions next year: biofuels and soccer. The world's largest biofuel producer is hosting the World Cup next year, and visitors will be traveling around in biodiesel buses. It should be cleaner – and safer – than hanging out of car ...

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    Amtrak's B20-fueled train honored by Time Magazine

    The Amtrak Heartland Flyer makes daily runs between Oklahoma City, OK and Fort Worth, TX. It's powered by a 3,200 horsepower General Electric P32-8 locomotive with a 12-cylinder diesel engine that handles the task of pulling tremendous loads down the tracks. Back in April, the Heartland Flyer ...

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    GM announces B20 compatibility for 2011 Duramax 6.6l turbo diesel engine

    The move to official automaker support for higher blends of biodiesel has been a slow one. One important step along the way were the establishment of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards for B20 (20 percent biodiesel mixed with 80 percent petro diesel) in the middle of ...

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    Greenlings: PHEV? DSG? VMT? A guide to common green vehicle acronyms

    Deciphering the new vocabulary of the green car movement can sometimes be a real head scratcher. To alleviate as much confusion as possible, we would like to present our readers with a list of common acronyms and what they mean, with plenty of links for more information. If you have some TLAs ...

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    Beware the biodiesel-ready Scorpion! 2011 Ford Super Duty gets all new 6.7-liter diesel V8

    2011 Ford "Scorpion" Power-Stroke 6.7-liter diesel V8 - click above for high-res image gallery
    Ford's ongoing issues with its long-time heavy duty diesel engine supplier, Navistar, will soon be coming to an end. The 2011 edition of the Ford Super Duty pickups will get an all-new, in-house ...

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    GM will have first factory-certified B20 diesels vehicles next spring

    2010 Chevy Express with 6.6-liter Duramax diesel
    One of several interesting little surprises to come out of this week's GM product technology showcase was the upgraded 6.6-liter Duramax V8. Unfortunately, the 4.5-liter diesel developed for the light duty applications remains on the shelf for ...

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    Try B100? Not in your new diesel engine

    Manufacturers of diesel engines make it clear that small amounts of biodiesel are usually fine (most say B5, or diesel with five percent biodiesel mixed in, is OK), but they won't make any promises about higher concentrations. Popular Mechanics has a good article that explains that these companies ...

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    EPA ups America's Renewable Fuel Standard to 10.21 percent for 2009

    In 2009, the U.S. will use at least 11.1 billion gallons of renewable fuel. This was the pronouncement of the EPA today regarding an increase in the Renewable Fuel Standard Increased from 7.76 percent (the 2008 number) to 10.21 percent, an increase of 2.45 percentage points or about 2 billion ...

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    Volkswagen not yet planning to support higher biodiesel concentrations

    Back in 2007, when Volkswagen was kicking off its Dieselution tour, we asked VW of America CEO Stefan Jacoby about official support for biodiesel concentrations higher than five percent. At the time there was no national standard for B20 biodiesel blends and Volkswagen would not provide warranty ...

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    ASTM approves new biodiesel blends, bring on the B20!

    Fans of biodiesel have reason for a small celebration as this week as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) voted to approve a standard for B20 biodiesel. ASTM controls the standards for commercially available fuels (among many other things) to ensure that what is sold at the pump ...

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    Blue Sun Biodiesel get $3m loan for B20 and B100 expansion facilities

    Blue Sun Biodiesel, the company that supplies B20 to the top biodiesel municipal fleet in the nation, has got at least one wealthy friend. An anonymous "private individual" has given the company a $3 million unsecured term loan for building up to ten new biodiesel blending and terminal locations ...

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    B20 Biodiesel pumps not delivering what they promise?

    Drivers of diesel-powered vehicles, especially those that are still under warranty, might want to steer clear of pumps marked B20 for the time being. As we've reported before, the reason why no manufacturer will currently honor a warranty when using anything greater than B5 is that there is still ...

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    Two Corporate Express truck fleets in Colorado and Kansas now drinking B20

    It was just last week that Corporate Express announced it would test Isuzu's hybrid trucks in its delivery fleet. Now the Dutch-based company has said that the majority of its trucks in Kansas and Colorado are being filled up with B20. The biofuel is Fusion B20 made by Colorado's Blue Sun ...

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    Safeway to consume some soy getting your tofu to market

    Nation grocery store chain Safeway has announced that they have converted their entire distribution truck fleet to running on biodiesel. The company has over 1,000 trucks in their fleet, all of which are now fueled with biodiesel. Safeway estimates that the move will cut the cumulative carbon ...

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    Allied Waste may pick up your trash with trucks running biodiesel

    There are all sorts of environmental problems when it comes to trash. How do we deal with all of the garbage that is thrown out? A great deal of it ends up piled up in landfills while a small portion ends up being recycled. Consider, too, the ramifications of needing to pick all that trash up. The ...

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    Ohio encouraging biodiesel through tax credits, grants

    Not a very exciting headline, I know, but realize what this means. With the state government offering tax incentives on soybean-based B20 biodiesel as well as E85 ethanol, each retailer can lower their price per gallon by at least ten cents, making the two renewable resource fuels that much more ...

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    San Francisco plans on running city bus fleet on B20 using WVO

    So, they've made ads that are dumb, and possibly even offensive, depending on who you ask, and they just opened their first B20 station recently. But San Francisco is really putting some effort into greening their city. The newest evidence of this fact is that the San Francisco Public Utilities ...

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    Cummins approves the use of B20 in some engine ranges

    With the growing acceptance of biodiesel, the fuel has become more available and standards are being created to make sure that all biodiesels are created equal. With some of those hurdles being overcome, manufactures are able to do a better job of testing and ensuring that their engines will ...

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    Rome to run public buses on B20 biodiesel

    Rome has announced that it will start a trial to run 200 of its public buses on a B20 biodiesel blend. The move is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. The plan will look carefully at the carbon emissions of the supply chain as well.If successful, Rome's entire fleet ...

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    Case IH endorses use of B20 biodiesel in all its engines

    Hot on the heals of Kubota announcing their support for B5 biodiesel blends in their engines, Case IH has one upped them by embracing B20 biodiesel blends across its entire line. In addition to now supporting B20, every piece of equipment leaving the Case IH factory will have a biodiesel blend in ...


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