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baker electric

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    Video: How EV chargers today are like the gas stations of the past

    In his 97 years, Charlie Yaeger has driven everything from a Ford Model T to a 1916 Baker Electric to a Nissan Maxima. More recently, he can be found behind the wheel of a Nissan Leaf. Since his automotive life mirrors the industry as a whole, Nissan thought it would be worthwhile to offer up a ...

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    Winding Road shows us James Cousens' electric car collection

    I truly enjoyed reading this article on Winding Road about the largest existing collection of early electric cars in existence. The owner of the vehicles is James Cousens, and he is a true aficionado of the genre. The early market for electric cars was primarily for women married to well-to-do ...

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    EV from 1904 still silently cruising the streets

    You know that Gram Parsons song "100 Years From Now"? The opening lyrics are "100 years from this day / Will the people still feel this way / And keep saying the things that they're / saying right now?" I thought of these words (and Gram's smooth voice) when I saw this video clip of a 1904 Baker ...


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