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    Official: Nissan starts building e-NV200 in Spain [w/video]

    It doesn't look all that much like a Nissan Leaf, but the new e-NV200 that started production in Barcelona, Spain today shares its powertrain and lithium-ion battery with the world's most popular electric vehicle. The production version of the electric cargo van was unveiled late last year and ...

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    Official: Nissan Leaf with double battery capacity tested in Spain's ECOseries

    In one of the quieter examples of a car's powertrain getting souped up, Nissan has doubled the size of the battery pack in an all-electric Leaf to better compete in Spain's ECOseries driving competition recently conducted by the Catalan Automobile Federation (FCA) at the Barcelona Technical ...

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    Seat testing three electric cars in Barcelona (yes, just three)

    Seat continues on its snail's pace to make electric vehicles by the middle of the decade by sending three – three! – Altea XL Electric Ecomotive EVs to the city of Barcelona, Spain for tests. The Barcelona City Hall will use its all-electric vehicle in its municipal car fleet for the ...

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    Official: Nissan announces production of funky e-NV200 electric van

    There are two ways automakers can go when producing a vehicle with electric propulsion – be it a hybrid or an outright EV: make it look the same as any other car, or make it stand out. Like Toyota (for example) did with the Prius, Nissan made the Leaf look (for better or worse) unlike a ...

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    Official: Bill Ford pitches self-driving, traffic-warning car functions for traffic alleviation

    Ford Motor Co. Executive Chairman Bill Ford is worried about "global gridlock" over the next four decades. The good news is that he sees a way out of the morass, a plan called the "Blueprint for Mobility" that he outlined during a keynote speech at the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona ...

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    Honda's EV-neo electric scooter to make its European debut in July

    While Honda's EV-neo has been available in Japan since last year, the rest of the world had to make do without them. That will change next month in Europe, as Honda will be unveiling the little electric in Barcelona. That's a good choice, considering 30 percent of all vehicles there are ...

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    Video: Check out Barcelona's electric motorcycle, scooter charging infrastructure

    Motorcycles and scooters, on average, don't burn a lot of fuel to move alone, but, according to Fair Companies, the two-wheelers are up to ten times dirtier than today's cleanest batch of gas-fueled automobiles. So, to reduce emissions in a city like Barcelona, Spain, switching out the 280,000 ...

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    Barcelona gets free electric motorcycle, scooter charging stations

    Barcelona, Spain has officially launched a program that aims to have 15 electric motorcycle/scooter charging stations with six plug-in points each installed around the city. The stations will offer free charging, at least until 2012, and be managed by Mobecpoint and installed by Iberdola. ...

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    EMXGP inaugural race will be held in Barcelona this October

    This October, the center of the zero-carbon racing universe would appear to be Spain following the announcement by the eGrandPrix that the inaugural EMXGP will, with apologies to Paris, be held in Barcelona on the 16th and 17th of that month. Of course, one race does not a center-of-universe make ...

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    Hola! Renault-Nissan signs electric vehicle MOU with Barcelona; considers making batteries in France

    Renault Fluence Zero Emissions Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Barcelona's green transportation options have recently expanded to include rental bikes and hybrid buses. A new memorandum of understanding between Barcelona and the Renault–Nissan Alliance – in which they ...

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    Trying out the new Insight in Spain at the EcoDesafĂ­o Honda Insight

    Click on image above to see a full gallery of the EcoDesafio Honda Insight in Barcelona
    The first generation the Honda Insight wasn't offered for sale in most European markets, including Spain. The Honda Civic hybrid is available here, but hasn't seen too many sales, in part because diesel is ...

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    Barcelona tests the Tempus, its first hybrid bus

    Believe it or not, European cities are a little behind in incorporating hybrid powertrains to their fleets. Not long ago we mentioned a Spanish-made bus by Castrosua. This bus began tests on the streets of Barcelona this week. The Tempus, as it's called, mates an electric powertrain to Iveco's ...

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    Catalonia officials lowering speed limits drastically to reduce pollution

    The transit authorities in Catalonia, Spain have decided to take the drastic speed limit on the accesses to the city of Barcelona to the next level. Similar to plans in other cities, like Rotterdam in the Netherlands, highways in Barcelona will now have variable speed limits. A smart system with ...

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    Spain will offer carpoolers lower toll booth costs

    Photo by Catorze. Under CCL 2.0In order to stimulate more carpooling, the Government of Catalonia, Spain, is going to try a strategy that could affect people's wallets: drivers of cars occupied by more than one person will get significant savings at toll booths, and the discount system is ...

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    Happy birthday! Bicing celebrates anniversary

    Bicing, Barcelona's public rental service, is celebrating its first anniversary. Despite a number of shortcomings and critics, the Catalan capital has almost fully implemented the system with 286 stations and 4,000 bicycles for 130,000 registered users. The plans aren't stopping here. The city will ...

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    Study shows High Speed Trains emit less carbon than planes

    Despite what some people claimed (and fueled a polemic here at ABG), a study published recently shows that High Speed Trains are more efficient than planes, in terms of CO2 production at least. Their impact on the land might be a different story. The statement was made by the former President ...

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    Can natural gas and LPG help the cities? They're going to try that out

    Fundació Gas Natural has published a study on how CNG vehicles can improve the air quality in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain. Of course, Gas Natural sells natural gas and is quite interested in this happening, but the study was performed with the Mare Nostrum supercomputer in the Universitat ...

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    Bicing makes biking popular in Barcelona with 30,000 users in 2 months

    Following in the footsteps of cities like Lyon and Paris in France, Vienna in Austria and others, Barcelona in Spain has started offering bicycles (the human powered kind... with pedals) to people who need to get around the city. Again, just like in Lyon and Paris, the system has been extremely ...

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    Air-powered car in France can go 120 miles per charge

    Author Joel Barker of the website and book called Five Regions of the Future points us to the Air Car, which uses compressed air (and no emissions) to run the engine. The company producing the car, Moteur Developpment International, says they will begin selling the cars in Barcelona, but they are ...


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