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    Auctions: eBay find: Battery-powered Batpod is ready for battle

    Thinking of taking up a crime fighting career in your local metro area? We have a lead on the vehicle you need – an electric, shotgun-shooting, flame-throwing, Batpod now available on eBay! You're welcome. This particular crusading cruiser begin life as a 2002 Harley Davidson V-Rod. Its ...

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    The Dark Knight's BatPod was driven by the Tesla Roadster

    Richard King won an Oscar for Achievement in Sound Editing earlier this year for his work on The Dark Knight. If you think this isn't something that qualifies as green car news, stick with us for a minute. See, the sounds of the Batpod, that motorcycle-like machine gun platform that Batman rides in ...

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    Saturday Humor: Batman saves some gas riding his Bat-Pod - see the video!

    (Friday humor was delayed one day this week. Musta been the Joker)This week, we are excited to bring you news of Batman's eco-friendly intentions. That gigantic jumping Batmobile-thing that he used in the last movie is just getting too expensive to drive, even for the super rich Bruce Wayne. So, ...


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