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    Report: Lithium from salt water could make batteries, and EVs, less expensive *UPDATE

    Until another element is preferred or discovered, lithium will be the foundation for electric and hybrid vehicle batteries for the foreseeable future. It is an expensive part of the battery packs being installed and is keeping sticker prices fairly high. The price of lithium, the lightest metal, ...

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    Official: Still kicking, EnerDel gets second battery contract for Volvo C30 Electric

    Volvo vehicles are known to be able to withstand major crashes. We'll see if the maker of batteries for the Swedish automaker's C30 Electric can do the same. EnerDel, whose parent Ener1 declared bankruptcy in January, won its second contract to make lithium-ion batteries for the electric ...

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    Report: Are battery makers due for a "Ghosn shock"?

    Battery makers in the Japanese auto market are quite nervous, with concern that "Ghosn shock" may return in the wake of low-selling lithium-ion powered electric vehicles. In 1999, Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn put the squeeze on steel materials suppliers, pressuring them to reduce prices as part of ...

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    Official: A123 expresses 'doubt' in future, loses main line of credit

    Is electric-vehicle battery maker A123 Systems running out of juice? The Massachusetts-based lithium-ion battery maker said in a May 30 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that it expressed "doubt" over being able to continue after recent hiccups that included a loan ...

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    Study: Lithium-ion battery costs to fall by a third by 2017 as demand jumps

    The cost for lithium-ion batteries used in electric-drive vehicles will fall by about a third between now and 2017 as battery-production technology improves, lithium supply increases and battery packs are sold in higher volumes, green-technology research firm Pike Research said in a report ...

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    Report: Nissan will double Tennessee workers for Leaf, battery-pack ramp-up

    Nissan will almost double the number of workers at its factory in Smyrna, TN, within the next year in part to ramp up production of both Nissan Leaf electric vehicles and battery packs, HybridCars reports. Nissan will add 1,300 workers specifically for the battery packs and for the Leafs, which ...

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    Report: Better Place starts Renault EV deliveries in Israel

    Better Place, the Silicon Valley company founded by former high-tech executive and Israel native Shai Agassi in 2007, has delivered the first 100 electric cars to Israeli customers. After years of tests and trial programs, the deliveries mark a big step in the company's efforts to build out an ...

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    Report: GM prepares contingent ad campaign for more potential Volt backlash

    General Motors has prepared an advertising campaign that would be launched in the event that more reports of Chevrolet Volt fires generate public interest or a Congressional hearing, USA Today reported, citing GM Chief Marketing Officer Joel Ewanick. The advertisements are "honest" and ...

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    Report: A123 confirms Fisker Karma batteries could have cooling problem

    Battery maker A123 has announced that batteries it supplied to Fisker Automotive for its Karma range-extended luxury sedan might have "misaligned" hose clamps for the cooling system, which could cause coolant to leak. Unabated, A123 admits the leak could cause an electrical ...

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    Ford's big battery breakthrough... from 1966

    Battery technology is getting better, it just isn't getting better as quickly as we'd like. Certainly, battery advancements haven't kept pace with the astounding advances in areas like electronics, and it has failed to produce the cheap, capacious, powerful cells we'd like to have for driving our ...

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    Report: Solid-state batteries hold tremendous potential and big challenges

    Solid-state battery technology is the electric vehicle Holy Grail. Or is it? Most analysts predict solid-state battery tech will begin to trickle into showrooms inside advanced electric vehicles sometime next decade. The problem, some experts say, is that solid-state shortcomings and manufacturing ...

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    Report: To cut costs, Honda will manufacture batteries, electric motors for hybrids in China

    Following in the footsteps of Toyota, Japanese automaker Honda will reportedly manufacture components, including batteries and electric motors, for some of its hybrid vehicles in China, starting in 2012. The production shift is meant to reduce the cost of Honda's hybrid vehicles sold in China ...

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    Boston-Power secures $125 million in funds, will move most operations to China

    China-based GSR Ventures led a $125-million investment round for Massachusetts firm Boston-Power, a startup that designs and manufacturers application-specific lithium-ion batteries, mainly for automotive applications. To date, Boston-Power has raised some $320 million since its founding in 2005. ...

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    Report: Japan goes toe-to-toe with South Korea in quest for lithium-ion domination

    Japan and Korea are boosting monies spent on research and development in an attempt to grab hold of the number one spot in the rapidly heating up lithium-ion battery segment. Japanese news outlet the Nikkei reports that Japan will increase its li-ion-related spending because South Korea is ...

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    Opinion: Analyst says limits on batteries mean electric vehicles are doomed

    Here's an unsurprising lede: A big part of the cost of electric vehicles lies in the batteries. The good news is that this may soon change. Expectations have been that those costs will fall with increased production, and there have even been predictions of battery oversupply in the near future. ...

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    Report: Toyota looking for gasoline-beating 'Sakichi' battery

    Back in 1925, long before the X-Prize foundation even existed, an inventor by the name of Sakichi Toyoda reportedly offered a prize of 1 million yen for the invention of a battery that would produce more energy than gasoline. As you can probably guess, no one has claimed that prize yet. However, ...

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    Analyst predicts severe oversupply of plug-in vehicle batteries

    The limited availability of batteries has long been one of the factors keeping the cost of electric vehicles well above that of their gas-powered counterparts, but it may be that we're about to move from drought to deluge. According to the New York Times, the growing capacity of battery ...

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    BASF to invest "three-digit million euro sum" in advanced battery tech

    BASF, one of the world's biggest chemical companies, says it will invest "three-digit million euro sum" (that's somewhere between $144 million and $1.43 billion U.S.) over the next five years in research, development and production of advanced battery technologies. Part of that massive ...

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    Ann Marie Sastry and Sakti3 developing solid-state lithium-ion batteries

    Matthew Dakotah over at the Huffington Post has been writing a special "Women in Power" series that profiles leaders in energy and environmental innovation. His latest article on Ann Marie Sastry piqued our interest since she happens to be President and CEO of Sakti3. If you recall, Sakti3 is a ...

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    Report: MIT students develop liquid fuel for electric cars

    A group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology students may have come up with the perfect solution to our electric vehicle charging woes. Instead of relying on lithium or nickel, the new battery design stores its electrons in semi-solid flow cells. Charged particles are suspended in an ...


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