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battery breakthrough

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    Official: A123 to collaborate with SolidEnergy on a battery to quadruple range

    A123 makes a pretty good lithium battery that has a high-cycle life and can put out loads of power. What it's not so good at, however, is holding a lot of energy. At least, not when compared to the Panasonic cells that Tesla Motors uses in the Model S. Sure, it's great for hybrids and city-car ...

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    Neal Saiki claims battery breakthrough gives more range, costs less

    Engineering challenges are like a siren's call to Neal Saiki. Since leaving Zero Motorcycles in early 2011, the company he co-founded with his wife Lisa, he's spent lots of time and effort wrestling with the human-powered helicopter conumdrum. As engaging as that might be, however, he still ...

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    GM-backed Envia claims huge advance in cheaper, better batteries for 300-mile EVs

    Looking for signs that the automotive landscape may be changing sooner than most people realize? Here's one. Envia Systems, a start-up battery company that counts General Motors as a significant investor, has announced it has produced a cell with an energy density of 400 watt-hours per kilogram ...

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    Official: Mindset E-Motion re-emerges with doubly-dense battery claim

    Remember the Mindset E-Motion? When last we had news of this Murat Günak creation, the folks behind it (Spirt Avert AG, now known as Mindset Holding AG) were seeking 152 million development dollars at a time when many of the world's major economies were sitting on their posteriors, looking ...

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    Plug-in batteries could offer 10 times more range, 10 times faster charging in near future

    What is perceived as the main barrier to seeing an electric vehicle (EV) in every driveway? Simple: a range that's too short and charging times that are too long. Now, what if a battery technology was developed that would allow you could drive for 500 miles straight and then recharge the battery ...

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    Supercapacitor breakthrough beats batteries with graphene *UPDATE

    In the coming decades, hybrids, and maybe even all-electric vehicles, may cruise without batteries. Instead, the energy in these vehicles of the future will be stored in a supercapacitor which could be recharged in minutes, possibly seconds. We've heard of the potential of supercaps (and ...

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    Bosch exec: Significant battery improvements are plausible, but still a decade away

    Sulfur crystal from Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
    If a significant battery breakthrough surfaced today, electric vehicles might be able to duplicate internal combustion engine vehicle's cost and utility by tomorrow. Of course, that's a big if and, as we all know, not going to happen. But these ...

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    Breakthrough battery to drop this year?

    Last week, John Doerr (pictured right) was giving a briefing to a Senate committee discussing the current economic, climate and energy security crises and possible solutions. Doerr is a partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) and as such has the inside scoop on a ...


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