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battery packs

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    Read This: Tesla on pace to use more batteries than computer industry by 2017

    Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk is on a crusade to, among other things, rid drivers of the need to consume liquid fuel for their automotive transportation. Sounds easy, right? But it's the lithium-ion battery cell supply situation that's another story altogether. See, Tesla is ramping up production ...

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    Study: Lithium-ion battery costs to fall by a third by 2017 as demand jumps

    The cost for lithium-ion batteries used in electric-drive vehicles will fall by about a third between now and 2017 as battery-production technology improves, lithium supply increases and battery packs are sold in higher volumes, green-technology research firm Pike Research said in a report ...

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    More details on the construction and production of the Volt battery

    Chevrolet Volt battery pack – Click above for high-res image gallery
    While we were at the General Motors battery plant in Brownstown, MI yesterday, we learned more about the Chevrolet Volt battery pack from newly promoted director of global battery systems engineering Bill Wallace. Over the ...

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    Report: Ford to build battery packs in Ypsilanti, MI

    At the Detroit Auto Show in January, Ford announced that it would be bringing production of battery packs for its hybrid and plug-in vehicles in-house by 2012 in time for the launch of its next generation models in 2012. At the time Ford would only say that the production facility would be ...

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    REPORT: Panasonic to follow the Tesla model of laptop batteries in cars

    Tesla Roadster – Click above for high-res image gallery
    While the lithium ion battery technology that everyone expects to be at the heart of the upcoming generation of electric vehicles was initially used in consumer electronics devices, only one company so far has committed to using ...

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    Report: GM to locate Volt battery plant in Brownstown Twp, MI

    Bill Wallace showing off the Volt cell and battery pack - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Back in January at the Detroit Auto Show, GM's former CEO Rick Wagoner announced that the automaker would be building its own battery packs for the upcoming Chevrolet Volt using lithium ion cells ...


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