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battery recycling

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    Report: Johnson Controls SC recycling center can process 14m vehicle batteries a year

    For companies such as Johnson Controls, Inc., there are opportunities to be had supplying advanced batteries for hybrids and electric vehicles. But where do all those advanced lithium batteries – and the older ones being pulled out today's hybrids – end up? Regulators, ...

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    Honda will recycle rare earth metals from old hybrid batteries

    The supply of rare earth metals used in the manufacture of nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries and permanent magnet motors that are found in most hybrids has been somewhat uncertain the past few years, what with China's lock on the supply and its recent policy of limiting exports. While there ...

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    Lithium detractor says li-ion batteries won't be recycled

    John Peterson, a man whose anti-lithium battery ramblings typically stir up a heated debate, is back at it again. This time 'round, Peterson discusses the future of recycling, or the lack thereof, for lithium-ion batteries. In an article posted on Alt Energy Stocks, Peterson writes:

    One of ...

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    Tesla teams with Umicore to recycle battery packs in Europe

    Tesla Model S – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Electric automaker Tesla Motors has teamed with Belgium's Umicore to establish a lithium-ion battery recycling program in Europe. Under the agreement, Brussels-based Umicore will recycle Tesla's spent lithium-ion battery packs, ...

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    Toyota launches NiMH battery-to-battery recycling program

    What happens with spent nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries that can no longer power hybrid vehicles down the road? Well, until recently, most NiMH batteries recovered by car dealers or vehicle dismantling companies were shipped off for reduction treatment, a process which involves crushing and ...

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    Of vending machines and cell phone towers: Automakers now planning for "dead" electric vehicle batteries

    Electric vehicle batteries don't last forever. Sure, they can be charged up, drained and charged again, but at some point they just won't get the job done anymore. Automakers estimate that advanced batteries will provide about ten years of serviceable life in vehicles. So what happens to that ...

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    AAA: Four million car batteries, 90 million pounds of lead recycled

    Think about the battery sitting idly away under the hood of your car or truck. Since it's made up almost entirely of lead and plastic, pretty much the whole kit n' kaboodle is recyclable. And, fortunately, lead acid car batteries are one of the few items that Americans are actually rather good at ...

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    Nissan and Sumitomo launch venture to reuse automotive batteries

    One of the numerous ideas being looked at as a means of reducing the cost of batteries for electric vehicles is creating a re-use market. The premise is that even when batteries reach a point where they cannot hold enough of a charge to be useful in cars, they could still be used for applications ...

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    Japanese companies plan to start recycling used automotive lithium ion batteries

    According to a report from the Nikkei in Japan (via Hybrid Cars), Nippon Mining & Metals Co. and GS Yuasa Corp. are each planning to begin collecting used lithium ion batteries from hybrid and electric cars to be recycled. Apparently, it's not exactly a straightforward process to extract and ...


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