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    Official: VW delivers first XL1 in Germany
    Official price remains a mystery 1402344000

    Volkswagen has delivered the first XL1 diesel plug-in hybrid to a customer from Berlin, Germany. Dr. Christian Malorny received his Oryx White XL1 with black and grey interior from Volkswagen Germany's director of sales and marketing for passenger cars, Thomas Zahn, at the company's Transparent ...

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    VW chair says component cost decrease keeps him confident of EV success

    Volkswagen AG is in the middle of implementing a comprehensive electric vehicle strategy, one that we've been documenting for a long time. The Group stands ready to offer dozens of plug-in vehicles in the coming years if it feels there is sufficient demand and believes that selling a million EVs ...

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    Official: Daimler opens the door on Car2go Black with B-Class carsharing

    Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler has finally decided to go to its proverbial mothership to further expand its Car2go carsharing service in Europe. The German automaker has long used its itty-bitty Smart Fortwo vehicles for the program, but now it's kicking off a pilot program called Car2go Black that ...

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    Official: Hiriko 'folding' EV will be produced for German car-sharing project next year

    Hiriko's "folding" electric vehicle has been in the works for about two years but the momentum is picking up. The company has reached an agreement with the operator of the German railway network to start testing the vehicles within a car-sharing network in Berlin starting early next ...

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    Report: Greenpeace pickets VW Golf premiere in Berlin

    No cute little Ewoks with this campaign. Last year, Greenpeace used the Star Wars-themed ad for the Volkswagen Passat to form its own "Dark Side" campaign. The one criticized Europe's biggest automaker for not doing enough to cut automobile greenhouse gas emissions, and Greenpeace was at it ...

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    Official: World's largest Car2Go fleet deployed in Berlin

    In extreme sports, they say "go big, or go home." Car2go's doing both. Daimler AG's car-sharing division, which has operations in places such as Amsterdam, Vienna and San Diego, last week launched service in Berlin in its native Germany with by far its largest fleet of Smart ForTwo two-seaters ...

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    First Smart Eds delivered to customers in Berlin

    Smart Ed - Click above for high-res image gallery
    The second-generation Smart electric drive vehicles are making their way into the wild, which means the first customers are now getting their Fortwo EVs in Berlin. Daimler announced today that Rolf Bauer, an artist and owner of a film dubbing ...

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    Schwinn! Biking to brothel can save you bucks in Berlin

    Here at ABG we try to stay on top of all the news that concerns greener ways of conducting the comings and goings of our readers and it is in that spirit that we bring you news of an offer that encourages more bicycle use. The Maison d'Envie (truly NSFW), a brothel in Berlin, is offering a discount ...

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    BMW building more MINI Es for European testing

    MINI E - click above for high-res image gallery
    The popularity of BMW's MINI E test program in the United States has evidently prompted the company to expand production beyond the original 500 cars and add a smaller test fleet in Europe. The original plan, as announced last fall, was for 500 of ...

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    GM's fuel cell HydroGen4 hits the streets in Berlin

    Click above image for high-res gallery of the HydroGen4
    With Project Driveway running along in the US, GM has announced another hydrogen fuel cell vehicle on-road test, this one in Berlin. Nine companies will use Opel HydroGen4 vehicles as they go about their regular business. The vehicles are ...

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    50 MINI E vehicles bound for Berlin

    Did you think that MINI would leave Germany without a MINI E test? No way. Perhaps because SMART is doing something similar, Berlin is going to get 50 MINI E vehicles for testing. MINI has partnered with Swedish energy company Vattenfall so that the electricity powering these cars will be ...

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    Daimler announces deal with RWE, 500 Berlin charging points, lithium Smart

    Click the photo for a high res galleryDaimler AG and German utility RWE are teaming up for what they are calling the largest electric car field test in the world. The "e-mobility Berlin" project will see Daimler deploy a fleet of over 100 second-generation Smart ED and Mercedes A-Class cars powered ...

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    Green Zones offers window badges for cars entering environmental zones in Germany

    Three German cities - Berlin, Hannover and Cologne - instituted a ban on cars that don't have catalizers or DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters). A windshield sticker proving a vehicle's environmental status is now needed to drive into the cities, known as environmental zones. But, like Mos Def ...

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    New year, new bans: Berlin, Hannover and Cologne banning non-catalysed cars

    Starting on the first day of this new year, three German cities (Berlin, Hannover and Cologne, pictured) have applied a complete ban on all vehicles that have no catalysers or DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters) in the city centers. To enter, cars must have a windshied sticker stating the installation ...


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