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    Report: Better Place's battery-swapping Coda taxis coming to California in 2014

    San Francisco will get a treat of a different kind in 2014 when battery-swapping network builder Better Place starts serving a fleet of electric-powered taxis in the Bay Area, Forbes reports. Using funds from a $3 million grant from the California Energy Commission, Better Place will launch the ...

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    Report: Better Place looking to raise another $100 million by issuing company stock

    Founder out, more cash in. That could be the synopsis for the past month of electric-vehicle battery-swapping network Better Place, which booted its founder and is now working on selling about $100 million in company equity by issuing company stock. Israel Corp., Better Place's biggest ...

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    Official: Better Place, Coda an unexpected partnership for airport taxi battery swaps

    Our friend David Herron recently discovered that charging infrastructure supplier Better Place has added another automaker to its international network – Coda – though the company had yet to announce it. Better Place is known for partnering with Renault overseas to expand its network ...

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    Report: Better Place shake up: Shai Agassi out as CEO, Evan Thornley steps in

    Rough starts and local criticism are nothing new in the green car start-up world, and it looks like Better Place is going through another all-too-familiar trope: CEO shake-up. Better Place's CEO, Shai Agassi, has been "removed" by the company's board of directors in a surprise act. The previous ...

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    Report: Better Place off to slow start in Israel market, says it's all part of the plan

    Based on the early numbers, Better Place is having a tough time meetings its initial sales target in its primary market of Israel of 4,000 electric vehicles in the first year, but the official word is that the slow start is meeting expectations. How slow? Since selling the first vehicles in July ...

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    Official: Better Place gets $50 million loan from European Investment Bank

    Things just got a little better for Better Place. The electric-vehicle battery-swapping company said Tuesday that it received a 40-million euro (U.S. $50 million) loan from the European Investment Bank, marking the company's first credit line after raising all of its existing funding in the form ...

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    Official: All-electric Holden sets 'unofficial' 24-hour record with 1,172 miles

    G'day, mate. And a mighty long one. A battery-electric Holden Commodore set what its builders say is an unofficial record for miles driven purely on electric power over the course of 24 hours. Australia-based EV Engineering said that the Holden (the brand is General Motors' Australian division) ...

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    Better Place Israel lowers rates, gives plug-in drivers 'a simpler and better deal'

    Better Place waited until its fleet of Renault Fluence plug-in vehicles was just about officially, commercially operational in Israel before letting customers know that the cost to drive the vehicles will be less than expected. Better Place's official launch, which happened this past weekend, ...

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    Official: GM's Holden, Better Place reach charging-station agreement for Australia

    Better Place is going from Israel and Denmark to the Land Down Under. The progenitors of electric-vehicle battery-swapping systems have reached a deal with General Motors' Holden division in Australia to provide EV-charging stations that can be used by drivers of the Holden (née ...

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    Official: Better Place-charged vehicles surpass 1 million kilometers driven

    Those who scoff at the metric system may belittle any publicity related to kilometers covered instead of miles, but we're still pretty impressed. Better Place, which is trying to build out an infrastructure for electric vehicles based on the cell phone model of leased batteries that are swapped ...

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    Report: Better Place may try an IPO within two years

    Electric vehicle "miles" company Better Place will likely go public within two years to take advantage of what many expect will be broader electric-vehicle adoption throughout the world, Bloomberg News reported, citing an interview with company founder Shai Agassi last week. Better Place will ...

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    Report: Better Place starts Renault EV deliveries in Israel

    Better Place, the Silicon Valley company founded by former high-tech executive and Israel native Shai Agassi in 2007, has delivered the first 100 electric cars to Israeli customers. After years of tests and trial programs, the deliveries mark a big step in the company's efforts to build out an ...

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    Official: Better Place signs deal with rental company in Israel

    If you want to try out one of Better Place's electric vehicles, you'd have to move to a country where the project is establishing its infrastructure or else wait for it to come to your neighborhood. At least that's how it was looking until now. Because the latest announcement from the ...

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    Better Place gets $200 million investment, now valued at $2.25 billion

    Better Place continues to play the investment alphabet game, with the company's Series C funding round netting $200 million of new financing from the likes of General Electric Co (not a surprise at all) and UBS. Even though many in the automotive industry are still skeptical of Better Place's ...

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    Report: China's Chery, Magna developing 3 compacts for Europe

    Joint venture Chery Quantum Auto – owned by China's Chery Automobile and Israel Corporation – will reportedly export three compact vehicles to Europe in 2012. Austrian supplier Magna Steyr will be tasked with developing the vehicles, according to Financial Times Deutschland. The ...

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    Ask Better Place's Shai Agassi a question

    Recently, Ecomagination, General Electric's cleantech and sustainable infrastructure website, interviewed Shai Agassi, the founder and chief executive officer of battery swap specialist Better Place. Questions centered on how Better Place will forever change the notion that electric vehicles are ...

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    Danish city vetoes Better Place chargers because they're the wrong color

    The city council of Frederiksberg (the fifth largest city in Denmark) has vetoed the installation of Better Place charging stations for an unusual and kind of ironic reason. Frederiksberg's council states that Better Place's gray and blue charging stations violate the city's aesthetic policy, ...

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    Touring the Better Place Visitor Center in Tel Aviv

    A quick spin in the Laguna EV at the epicenter of the Better Place project Ask any addict why they don't quit, and they'll probably tell you it comes down to one sticking point. The addiction could be to caffeine or cocaine, but whatever the excuse – from work stress and social factors to ...

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    Project Better Place taking heat on its home turf

    Better Place is headquartered in Israel and the battery-swapping EV enterprise has been held up as an example of that nation's high-tech capabilities. So, seeing the company take a beating in an Israeli newspaper may seem surprising. But that's just what journalist Dan Rabinowitz did in ...

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    Better Place to install 20 battery swap stations in Denmark by spring 2012

    Over in Denmark, Better Place just unveiled Europe's first battery swap station. The celebratory event, held in the city of Gladsaxe, gives us an indication that Better Place is slowly but surely inching towards its goal of installing 20 swap stations and a nationwide charging infrastructure ...


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