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    Exclusive: Bill Ford says carsharing helps Ford, EVs need to be clean
    Speaking At ITS 2014, Ford's Executive Chairman Talks Connected Cars 1410190020

    To most people, Bill Ford is most famous for being the great-grandson of Henry Ford. But, as the executive chairman of Ford Motor Company, Ford has also been leading the company into greener and greener territory. At the morning plenary session for the 21st World Congress on Intelligent Transport ...

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    Report: RelayRides buys car-sharing competitor Wheelz for keyless technology

    Think of this as a rare occasion where a General Motors collaborator is providing Ford with a little cash. A GM partner, peer-to-peer car-sharing operator RelayRides, is buying competitor Wheelz for an undisclosed amount, GigaOM reports. It's a bit of a stretch, but Ford is connected to ...

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    Report: Ford scion invests in Masabi, makers of public transportation ticket app

    If you've ever wanted to joke about something that would make Henry Ford roll over in his grave, this could be the time. The automaker's founder's great-grandson appears to be staking some of his financial future on train tickets. In this case, Bill Ford, Jr. and his venture-capital firm ...

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    Official: Bill Ford pitches self-driving, traffic-warning car functions for traffic alleviation

    Ford Motor Co. Executive Chairman Bill Ford is worried about "global gridlock" over the next four decades. The good news is that he sees a way out of the morass, a plan called the "Blueprint for Mobility" that he outlined during a keynote speech at the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona ...

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    Bill Ford editorial sings praises of electric car, information technology

    As for why Bill Ford is such a technology booster, he himself points at the price of oil.
    Ford Motor Company may be one of the world's oldest automakers, but that doesn't mean it's stuck in the past. William Clay Ford Jr., 54-year-old Executive Chairman of the Ford Board of Directors and great ...

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    Detroit 2011: Bill Ford discusses Blue Oval's electrification plans

    Following the introduction of a barrage of new vehicles like the C-Max Energi and C-Max Hybrid at the Detroit Auto Show today, Ford Motor Company executive chairman William Clay Ford, Jr., spent some time talking to reporters about his company's electrification program (and other, minor things, ...

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    Democrats and Republicans agree on higher gas taxes, just not in public all the time

    Senator Alan Simpson (left) and Erskine Bowles (right), Co-Chairman of the Deficit Reduction Commission
    There is a sport in Washington D.C. that comes around like deer season every year: the gas tax debate. And stepping into the clearing this week with brown overcoats and deer antler hats are ...

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    Earth Day honoree: Bill Ford, from crazy environmentalist to industry innovator

    Let's sit down for a moment and think back to 1988. Have a clear picture yet? Neither did we, at first, so here's a refresher. Back then, environmentalists were likened to extremists. Their viewpoints were thought to be so far-fetched and disconnected from popular views that they were outsiders, ...

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    Ford executive chairman says electric vehicles will be a game changer

    Ford executive chairman Bill Ford closed out the 2010 SAE World Congress with a reminder: "All the early cars were electric." Why do so few people remember that electric cars date back more than a hundred years? Ford suggested it's because, electric cars have "been around really for the past ...

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    SAE 2010: MyFord Touch to provide eco-driving coaching, Eco-routing in Ford Nav [w/Video]

    MyFord and MyLincoln Touch EcoRoute – Click above for high-res image gallery
    At the closing banquet of the SAE World Congress in Detroit today, Ford chairman Bill Ford announced some additional enhancements to its in-car information systems for the 2011 model year that have to do with ...

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    Chevy Volt's 230 mpg rating, ad campaign comes under fire from Bill Ford, AdAge

    The Chevrolet Volt's 230 mpg number continues to be questioned. The latest to criticize is Bill Ford, who takes issue not only with the General Motors-approved 230 figure, but also Nissan's claim that its Leaf EV will get 367 mpg. The real culprit here, Ford said, is the EPA's methodology, which ...

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    Bill Ford calls for an increased gas tax

    By now you've surely noticed that gas prices have stabilized at around $2 a gallon (or less, depending on location) in the United States. That's about half of what gas cost just about one year ago, which is both a blessing and a curse, depending on how you look at it. Add Bill Ford, Executive ...

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    Bill Ford to turn automaker into "Green Oval"?

    Bill Ford, great-grandson of Henry Ford himself, is reportedly hedging his bets on green technology for the automaker that bears his name. Ford has spoken directly with President-elect Barack Obama about energy, especially as it relates to the automotive industry, and the Blue Oval exec likes what ...

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    The other things Bill Ford said: regret and a national energy policy

    Aside from responding to Barack Obama's recent criticism, Bill Ford had a bit more to say about the auto industry yesterday. Here's how two articles described Ford's appearance at a Mackinac City, MI event on Michigan's economy. First, from Reuters, we learn that Ford regrets his company's slow ...

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    Bill Ford responds to Obama's criticisms toward Detroit's automakers

    Responding to criticism from Barack Obama that "three giants of American industry (Detroit automakers) are hemorrhaging jobs and profits as foreign competitors answer the rising global demand for fuel-efficient cars", Bill Ford suggested that Obama trade in his Chrysler 300C for a Ford 500. He ...


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