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    Report: Gentlemen, start your engines! B100 biodiesel coming to tractor pulls in 2013

    Whoever wins the presidential race will likely be pleased to hear this news: farmers (at least soybean farmers) are getting into biodiesel. Soybean farmers, through their checkoff program, are supporting the National Tractor Pullers Association spreading the word about biodiesel among tractor ...

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    Report: US ethanol production falls to lowest level in 27 months

    US ethanol production for September dropped to its lowest level in at least 27 months, in large part because of plant shutdowns. Ethanol plants produced 983.9 million gallons in September, down 9.4 percent from August. The previous low since the EPA started keeping such records in July 2010 was ...

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    Iowa ethanol group gets Romney's support, but will it be enough?

    The current and past presidents of Iowa Renewable Fuels Association were able to chat with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Tuesday, asking for his endorsement of the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) and ethanol. IRFA president Brad Albin and past president Walt Wendland approached ...

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    Report: Biodiesel advocates feel respect after feds raise mandate by 28%

    Brad Albin, president of Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, and Joe Jobe, CEO of the National Biodiesel Board, were thrilled to see the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approve a 28-percent increase in the amount of biodiesel that will be mandated for the nation's diesel engine vehicles in ...

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    More arrests in biodiesel RIN fraud cases

    Alternative energy and cleantech have been a platform for political jabs and Congressional hearings in Washington over the past year – the Solyndra scandal, Chevrolet Volt post-crash-test battery fires, and Fisker Automotive's Department of Energy grant loan quickly come to mind. The latest ...

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    BP's Wayne Helix is fuel dispenser of the future; on display at London Olympics

    BMW may have dibs on being the "Official Automotive Partner to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games," but that doesn't mean there aren't other automotive-related promotional opportunities to be had at the games. Exhibit A: BP's new "Wayne Helix" fuel dispenser. Sounding like something from ...

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    Official: New biofuel process dramatically improves energy recovery

    Don't worry, you won't be tested on this. Michigan State University scientists have found a biofuel production method that the institution says boosts energy from the production process by a factor of 20. Gemma Reguera, a microbiologist at MSU, led an effort that uses – stay with us ...

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    Report: Can we credit the Tea Party for ending ethanol tax credit?

    The Tea Party movement was a key factor in ending corn-based ethanol subsidies because it pushed Republican candidates to speak out against spending, in this case monies that would provide little benefit to the transportation industry while exacerbating the national debt and deficit ...

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    Study: Biofuels market value to double to $185.3 billion in ten years

    Will there be enough feedstock to support a massive biofuel boom? It sure seems possible, 'cause Pike Research predicts that the value of the biofuels industry could double in the next ten years, depending on the emergence of advanced feedstocks. Motivated, mainly, by concerns about energy ...

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    Report: Is rapeseed biodiesel worse for the environment than diesel?

    As one might expect, Europe's biodiesel industry rejected the findings of a draft study showing that the cultivation of rapeseed for biodiesel is likely significantly worse for the environment than manufacturing conventional diesel, i.e., from petroleum. On Friday, the European Biodiesel Board ...

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    USDA: Advanced biofuel payouts will create jobs, jobs and even more jobs

    Let's create jobs while concurrently expanding the U.S. output of advanced biofuels, says Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. Just days ago, the USDA announced that its will fork over some money to more than 160 energy producers in 41 states to support the expansion of advanced ...

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    World's largest renewable diesel refiner says cost of fuel is way more than anticipated

    Exactly how much does it cost to produce a ton of renewable diesel fuel? Well, according to Neste Oil, the world's largest renewable diesel firm, the answer is: way more than anticipated. In releasing its updated future outlook, Neste Oil revealed its estimated production cost, not including ...

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    Neste Oil fires up Europe's largest renewable diesel facility

    Over in the Netherlands, Neste Oil has celebrated the opening of Europe's largest renewable diesel facility. Located in Rotterdam, Neste Oil's new site boasts an annual production capacity of 800,000 tons of the firm's NExBTL renewable diesel fuel. NExBTL technology allows Neste to use a wide ...

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    Report: PetroChina to boost biofuel production by 1.1 million tons by 2015

    PetroChina, the world's third most valuable company as of the second quarter of 2011, says it will add 1.1 million tons of biofuel production capacity by 2015, according to a company official who spoke with Reuters. Additionally, PetroChina says it will import 470,000 tons of biofuels by 2015, as ...

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    Worldwide production of biofuels up 17% in 2010

    Global production of biofuels soared to an all-time high of 105 billion liters (28 billion gallons U.S.) in 2010, according to research conducted by Worldwatch Institute for the website Vital Signs Online. That output represents a 17-percent increase in compared to the estimated 90 billion liters ...

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    Petrobras to invest $2.5 billion to increase production of biodiesel, ethanol

    Brazilian energy giant Petrobras, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Petrobras Biocombustível, will invest a massive $2.5 billion between 2011 and 2015 to increase production of biodiesel and ethanol. This hefty chunk of change is part of $4.1 billion Petrobras earmarked for its biofuels ...

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    Alternative fuel consumption steady in 2009

    The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that consumption of alternative fuels in the transportation sector stayed put in 2009, with use coming in at 431,107 thousand gasoline-equivalent gallons (yes, that's the metric used), compared to 430,329 thousand gasoline-equivalent ...

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    U.S. ready to invest up to $510 million in better biofuels

    Obama Administration Efficiency Goals – click to enlarge
    No shortage of news from the Obama Administration regarding energy efficiency these days. Whether it's $50 million for better solar, the first-ever heavy-duty truck efficiency standards or millions for hydrogen research, work most ...

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    Report: Biofuel consumption slows in European Union

    By 2050, biofuels could account for up to 27 percent of the world's total worldwide transportation fuel, according to a report published by the International Energy Agency (IEA). This, according to the IEA, would require biofuel consumption to rise to more than 750 million tons by 2050, up from 55 ...

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    Neste Oil Rally Finland fueled by NExBTL 100 Green biodiesel

    When the World Rally Championship rolled into Finland at the end of July for the 2011 Neste Oil Rally Finland, some 29 of the 124 vehicles entered in the tail-out, gravel-throwing event were fueled by Neste Oil's NExBTL renewable diesel. Running solely on Neste Green 100 diesel, Neste says the ...


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