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    Official: Audi building e-gas plant to make climate-friendly vehicle fuel

    On December 13, Audi celebrated its synthetic methane (e-gas) vehicle fuel plant, which is under construction in Werlte, Germany. Audi says that it is the world's first industrial plant for generating e-gas from CO2 and renewable electricity. Its end product will be hydrogen and synthetic Audi ...

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    Report: Poop-powered Toto toilet tricycle to trek across Japan

    Grab a newspaper and hold on to your butts! That's right, Japan's number one toilet maker, Toto, has created a tricycle that runs entirely on number two. In theory, as long as the driver, well, um, er, defecates now and again so the system can convert the waste to biogas, Toto's toilet trike ...

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    Virent biofuel works like gasoline, causes "no harm" to vehicles

    Virent Energy Systems has taken a major step in the certification process of its biofuel. Virent's much-like-gas biofuel successfully completed road tests organized and executed by Virent's collaborator, Shell. The tests found Virent's biofuel caused "no harm" to vehicles when compared to Shell's ...

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    Toyota to power, heat Torrance, CA facility with 1MW Ballard fuel cell generator

    Ballard Power Systems will deploy one of its one-megawatt CLEARgen fuel cell generators at Toyota's U.S. sales and marketing headquarters in Torrance, CA. The CLEARgen fuel cell system will utilize hydrogen produced by steam-reformation of renewable biogas generated at a nearby landfill. ...

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    Clean Air Power to supply dual-fuel system for Volvo buses

    Clean Air Power, a developer of dual-fuel combustion technology that enable engines to operate on both diesel and natural gas, has inked a deal to supply Volvo Bus Corporation with its dual-fuel systems. Volvo will outfit 11 of its conventional buses with Clean Air Power's dual-fuel system and ...

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    Kettering University unveils Flint's first biomethane-powered truck

    Researchers at Kettering University, along with officials from Swedish Biogas International and Flint, MI Mayor Dayne Walling have unveiled Flint's first biomethane-powered truck. Students and faculty members at Kettering set out on the ambitious project of converting a Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD ...

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    Dung Beetle: This GENeco Bio-Bug runs on gas

    Methane-powered GENeco Volkswagen Beetle
    Methane as a source of automotive propulsion isn't exactly a new concept, but it's taken manufacturers a long time to figure out how to clean it up enough to let it power an engine long-term. GENeco thinks they have figured it out and has presented this ...

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    Opel Zafira 1.6 CNG Turbo: Full details on the first Turbo-charged CNG minivan

    Click on image to get full-size pics of the Opel Zafira ecoFLEX Turbo CNG minivan
    Do you need to haul kids in a zippy van and you don't want it in diesel? Here's a good option for Europeans: the Opel Zafira 1.6 CNG Turbo. We heard not long ago that the Zafira minivan would get the turbo option - ...

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    FordonsGas Sverige creates Svanen, a fuel good enough to be ecolabeled

    The world now has its first ecolabelled fuel. Great... what's it mean? First of all, the certification itself comes from the Nordic Ecolabel, "the official Nordic environmental award [that] is given to products and services that fulfill stringent environmental criteria." All right. What's the award ...

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    What gas are you going to choose for your next car?

    When you think of German vehicles, odds are that you're picturing big Mercs and Bimmers speeding on the Autobahn. However, the German market is quite diverse and there's a good supply of alternative fuels to be had. You can get most models powered with gasoline, diesel, natural gas (CNG) or ...

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    Audi gets record-beating biogas A4 to 203 mph

    Audi has announced a record-beating A4 that has a maximum speed of 327.2 km/h (203 mph). The unusual feature of this A4 is that it runs on biogas, naturally obtained from the anaerobic fermentation of switchgrass. The experiment was performed to promote the use of biogas as an alternative fuel. ...

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    Waste and algae-sourced biogas powers car

    Olmix, a French company that specializes in what they call "green chemistry," has announced a prototype vehicle powered with a new type of biofuel. This fuel is a type of biogas obtained from green algae plus a mix of animal and vegetable waste. Animal waste contains a lot of highly pollutant ...

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    Monterrey metro to be propelled using biogas

    The city of Monterrey, Mexico, will have its subway system, called Metrorrey, propelled with electricity obtained from biogas. Simeprode, the company that manages the city waste system, is finishing a 5.3 MW power plant that will produce electricity for the two subway lines. This plant will allow ...

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    Kyoto starts fuel cell project using hydrogen obtained from waste

    While waste products can be used to obtain biogas or ethanol, the Japanese have found some other use for them. The city of Kyoto has announced a research project that uses hydrogen produced from biomass such as food waste and used cooking oil. The plans are far from modest, with a working ...

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    Making energy from all kinds of crap

    Creating methane gas from waste products in anything but a new concept, with the gas being pumped and burned off from landfills the world over. What is a newer idea, though, is taking care of the problem right from the point of its creation... your own toilet or garbage pile. In emerging countries ...

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    Stockholm mandates dispensing of CNG at all gas stations

    Stockholm is making a clear step towards the widespread use of CNG (compressed natural gas) in vehicles. The City Councillor for the Environment, Ulla Hamilton, is promoting a policy that will increase the use of CNG vehicles, with biomethane as a primary source for that gas. Gas obtained from ...

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    Mercedes launches B class running on CNG

    Mercedes will soon start selling its B class B 170 NGT, their first compact to run on Natural Gas (the other model being an E 200). The vehicle, which will go on sale in June 2008, has a 112 HP engine that uses 4.9 kg of natural gas to run 100 km, which is equivalent to 7.4 liters of gasoline ...

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    Biomethane: finding ways to capture lost energy

    At AutoblogGreen we have discussed many times the potential of biogas (usually biomethane) for different industries. The fact is that it's a flammable gas that is produced by the natural fermentation of waste and/or trash. In most of our landfills, this gas is just expelled to the atmosphere. ...

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    Sweden using seized alcohol, animal remains and human waste for biofuels

    The more that you read our site, the more interesting things you'll find that are being used to make biofuels around the world. It's time to add to the list, this time with government seized alcohol. In what sounds like a huge waste of good booze, the confiscated alcohol used to be pored out down ...

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    Biomethane mixed with natural gas or diesel to make heavy vehicles greener

    Some cities are powering public transport with Natural Gas. Despite the just slightly lower CO2 emissions than other fuels, natural gas is a very clean energy because no other side pollutants are present - and it avoids the problems of particullates that cause smog and respiratory problems. There's ...


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