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    Official: VW launches Eco Up!, can burn natural gas or biomethane

    If you won't change the car, perhaps you can change the fuel. This is part of the alt-energy strategy that Volkswagen is employing as it works on electric vehicles. To wit, its project with Solazyme to make renewable diesel and also the Eco Up! vehicle. VW is launching the compressed natural ...

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    Kettering University unveils Flint's first biomethane-powered truck

    Researchers at Kettering University, along with officials from Swedish Biogas International and Flint, MI Mayor Dayne Walling have unveiled Flint's first biomethane-powered truck. Students and faculty members at Kettering set out on the ambitious project of converting a Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD ...

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    Yamaha tests golf cart powered with cow dung

    What can you do with cow dung? We can think of at least one green car option: transform it into biomethane and use the gas to power a golf cart. This is what the engineers at Yamaha in Katori, in Chiba Prefecture. Osaka Gas Co. provided the methane at a low cost. It was then stored in a special ...

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    British supermarket chain Sainsbury's to use biomethane in its trucks

    Clean Air Power has announced that one of Britain's largest supermarket chains, Sainsbury's, has signed a contract with them to expand the use of biomethane in their trucks. Back in August 2007, Sainsbury's tried Clean Air's technology for the first time and in August 2008, it began to operate one ...

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    London gets its first biogas fueling station

    Back in August, Gasrec and Iveco announced that they would be testing street cleaning trucks running on biomethane. Of course, it's kinda tough to use a truck on a fuel that's not available, so Gasrec, the company that's pioneering the fuel, has partnered up with Veolia Environmental Services to ...

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    Biomethane Iveco truck starts tests

    Gasrec, a British company that produces liquid biomethane fuel, Veolia, which works in waste management and truck manufacturer Iveco have joined forces to test a new truck. The CNG Iveco Daily Light will be run for six months on biomethane obtained from a landfill in Surrey by Gasrec. It will be ...

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    VW brings CNG-powered Caddy EcoFuel to the UK

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    At the website in the metal event known as Green-Car-Guide Live! 2008, Volkswagen will be showing off a prototype right hand drive version of the CNG-powered Caddy EcoFuel for the first time. Left-hand versions are already available on the European mainland. No matter where the ...

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    Banana methane will power cars in Australia

    We have already covered different methods of obtaining methane by fermenting (or better, digesting) some kind of vegetable. But we haven't yet gotten to banana waste. Growcom, one of Australia's leading horticulture organisations is going from the prototype stage to a commercial plant that ...

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    Biomethane: finding ways to capture lost energy

    At AutoblogGreen we have discussed many times the potential of biogas (usually biomethane) for different industries. The fact is that it's a flammable gas that is produced by the natural fermentation of waste and/or trash. In most of our landfills, this gas is just expelled to the atmosphere. ...

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    I don't care what its made of, as long as it works

    Recently it seems that a lot of people have found that you can make biofuels out of just about anything in the world. We've reported on algae, chicken fat and even human fat being turned into biofuels and it looks like the list of organic substances that we're willing to consider for our transport ...


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