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black carbon

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    Study: Scientists sound alarm on soot's effect on global warming

    Well, this bit of news isn't going to make German automakers or truckmakers terribly happy. Following the connection between diesel fumes and cancer, scientists have found that the black particles created by burning fuels – i.e. black carbon or soot – do more to warm the earth than ...

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    Study: Modern clean diesels not that green; black carbon overlooked

    While technological advancements have cleaned up diesel engines, modern clean diesel vehicles may not be as "green" as previously thought. The reason, according to some analysts, is that soot emissions from these new powerplants are underestimated. In Britain, for example, vehicles are exempt ...

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    Man-made soot from the Industrial Revolution found in Arctic ice

    Back before the age of emissions regulations or the technology to do anything about them anyway, new factories and power plants sprung up and dumped huge amounts of black soot into the air on a daily basis. Then, prevailing winds swept the soot away and dumped it off elsewhere. Where? Apparently, ...


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