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    Report: Tesla's vehicle buyback program could yield $368m profit in 2016

    Good news, everyone. If we can manage set aside about $37,000 over the next couple of years, a Tesla Model S, a used one, will be ours. That's one of the findings in a Bloomberg Industries study on Tesla's financing, vehicle buyback and resale programs. With the typically unconventional Tesla ...

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    Report: Bloomberg says buyers, not automakers, should get more federal funding for plug-in vehicles

    The U.S. government would be more effective at spurring plug-in vehicle sales if it provided more financial incentives to consumers instead of automakers. At least, that's the opinion in a Bloomberg News editorial. Saying that finding alternatives to gasoline "a worthy public goal," Bloomberg ...

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    Report: Advanced vehicle battery costs dropped 14% in the past year; down 30% since 2009

    Electric-vehicle lithium-ion battery-pack costs fell 14 percent during the past year and are down 30 percent from three years ago because of technological improvements and increased production capacity, Bloomberg News reports, citing a study from its sister entity Bloomberg New Energy Finance. EV ...

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    Review: Deadly Brew, the Human Toll of Ethanol

    I saw the Bloomberg documentary Deadly Brew, the Human Toll of Ethanol, which aired last Thursday and I have to agree with some of the criticisms that UNICA levels at the film. The documentary, which focused on the working conditions of cane cutters in Brazil, gave both sides but seemed to favor ...

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    Will NYC get the congestion charge in early 2008?

    At least as early at April 2007, public officials in New York City were publicly engaged in a discussion about instituting a congestion charge in the Big Apple. Heck, Mayor Bloomberg even had the daily dollar amount picked out: $8. But the plan faltered and we haven't heard much recently. Until ...

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    Coke to add 120 hybrid trucks to its US fleet in 2008

    Coca-Cola Enterprises plans to add 120 hybrid trucks to its fleet in the US over the next year. The company currently uses two hybrids in the Bronx, NY fleet and plans to add another three to the Bronx fleet in December. Coke's president and CEO, John Brock, and New York Major Michael Bloomberg ...

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    Toyota may expand Prius model range

    As Toyota, the king of hybrids, embarks on its ambitious plan of selling 1 million hybrid vehicles worldwide annually before 2015, you have to wonder just how they're going to do it. We've already heard that they eventually plan to offer a hybrid version of all its cars, but will that be enough? ...

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    GM's new green strategy to focus on plug-in hybrids with "I-car" project

    Bloomberg is reporting that they received word from auto industry insiders that GM's yet-to-be-publicly-announced, new, green strategy will include improved gas engines, hybrid pick-ups, fuel cell vehicles and that the centerpiece of the plan will be plug-in hybrids. The automaker has allegedly ...

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    Ethanol demand begins to tip the food/fuel balance in Brazil

    According to Bloomberg, C. Czarnikow Sugar Ltd. says that Brazil may find it difficult to meet its own ethanol demands for the crop season ending in March. The problem isn't an issue of production capacity. It's because global demand is on the rise and higher prices outside the country are ...

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    Honda engineers in secret engine lab trying to outgreen Toyota

    One fact is fairly straightforward: Honda is working on a new diesel engine for the U.S. market in 2009 that will meet stringent U.S. and California emissions standards while using 30 percent less gasoline, according to this article from Bloomberg out today. The delicious part of the news is both ...

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    Toyota Prius supply will continue to be short

    Bloomberg News today is reporting that Toyota does not have enough gas-electric hybrid Prius vehicles to meet consumer demand, which must be nice for the company but means a long wait for customers and, for all of us, more carbon dioxide in the air. A Toyota vice-president told Bloomberg that the ...


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