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bmw 1 series

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    Report: BMW crushing ActiveE EVs, saving all batteries

    It's unlikely to spark a movement and a movie, the way a certain EV1 did a decade ago, but anyone who's seen Who Killed The Electric Car? will likely cringe at this bit of news. Despite the fact that crushing and recycling old vehicles is standard operating procedure in the auto industry, when ...

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    Official: BMW ActiveE enrollment process now open in test markets

    It isn't every day that BMW offers an electric vehicle, but the ActiveE is just that. The German luxury car maker is now accepting applications for 700 ActiveE "Electronauts" in the test markets of Boston, Hartford, New York, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco. The hand-raisers ...

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    First Drive: 2012 BMW ActiveE

    How does one make the decision to put $2,250 down and then pay $499 a month for a 24-month lease of an all-electric BMW? Autoblog's Damon Lavrinc is currently working out his personal answer to this exact question about the 2012 BMW ActiveE and recently got the chance to test out the all-electric 1 ...

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    Recalls: BMW to recall 120,000 diesel 1 and 5 Series over particulate filter defect

    BMW has reportedly issued a worldwide recall of approximately 120,000 diesel vehicles, including oil-burning versions of its 1 and 5 Series. Here's what this recall involves: BMW says there exists a possibility that a particulate filter defect could lead to a dangerous situation because the ...

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    2012 BMW 116d Efficient Dynamics Edition boasts CO2 emissions of just 99 g/km

    The all-new 2012 BMW 1 Series is expected to make its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September. When it does, it will be immediately evident that the 2012 1 Series is substantially different than the model it replaces. Having grown considerably over its predecessor, one might ...

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    BMW's U.S.-bound 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo to bump up fuel economy

    BMW's four-cylinder turbocharged engine – Click above for high-res image gallery
    German automaker BMW has tempted us before with hints that its 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine will eventually appear in the States. BMW has now finally, officially confirmed that this potent mill ...

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    Report: BMW moves forward with three-cylinder engine development for 1 Series

    2010 BMW 135i – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Though we have reported on BMW's ongoing development of a three-cylinder engine for upcoming models like the 1 and 3 Series, there just hasn't been much to go on nor have we seen an update in quite some time now. Autocar claims that ...

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    Rendered speculation: 2013 BMW sub-1 series hatch with front-wheel-drive

    Recently, BMW executives have been talking openly about adding front-wheel-drive models to the range with the first examples coming in 2013. A new model, which will slot in below the 1 series, could be FWD and is expected to share its platform with the next-generation Mini. The 1 series is expected ...

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    BMW Technik working on hybrid fuel cell 1 series concept

    A quarter century ago, BMW established a special research and development center under the BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH. As BMW Technik celebrates its silver anniversary, it has revealed the existence of hydrogen hybrid 1 series concept. BMW has been working on hydrogen-fueled vehicles since at ...

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    Customer ignorance convinces BMW that front-drive is OK

    It's not at all unusual for customers to not have any real understanding of what they are buying. After all, so many modern products have such a plethora of features that most of them never get used. Then there are cars. Even many engineers don't know how everything on a new car works, so it's ...

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    Report: BMW will offer up to 700 urbanites an electric 1 series lease *UPDATE

    BMW ActiveE concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    BMW said recently that participants in the Mini E lease program were "Delighted with [the] Electric Vehicle Experience." The Mini E, though, will probably seem totally lame compared to the production version of the BMW ActiveE ...

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    BMW 1 and 3 series now available for car sharing in UK from £7/hour

    BMW 123d – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Members of the StreetCar car sharing service in the UK now have the option to rent a BMW from as little as £6.95 per hour. Like ZipCar and other similar services, StreetCar is a membership program that allows participants to rent cars ...

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    Detroit 2010: BMW ActiveE concept is all charged up and ready to go

    BMW ActiveE concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    At first glance, the BMW ActiveE concept is little more than a 1 Series with a questionable paint job. Seriously, the ActiveE looks like it's been sniffing blue paint. However, should you choose to look more closely, you will ...

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    Spy shots: BMW 1-series hybrid spotted in Munich

    BMW 1 Series Hybrid - Click above for high-res image gallery
    At the launch of the BMW X6 ActiveHybrid, officials acknowledged the automaker would be producing several additional hybrid models in the near future. Rumors have been floating around that the new 5 Series -- due to launch in 2010 -- ...

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    BMW working on range of 3-cylinder engines?

    According to a report on Sky Motoring in the UK, BMW is working on a new range of 3- and 4-cylinder engines for use in its next-gen 1 Series, 3 Series and Z2 Roadster. If there is indeed an inline-three engine in the pipeline, we'd be shocked to see it installed in BMW's bread-and-butter 3 Series, ...

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    Spy Photo: Is BMW 1-series mule affected by footprint-based CAFE regs?

    When NHTSA recently released draft regulations to implement the fuel economy requirements from December's Energy Bill a controversial element of the proposal were the footprint-based thresholds. Rather than setting a single requirement that all manufacturers fleets would have to meet, the proposal ...

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    BMW 3 Series joins 5 Series and 1 Series in offering regenerative braking

    This type of trickle-down technology makes perfect sense in the real world driving conditions that most of us encounter each and every day of our lives. Hybrids have been using regenerative braking for quite some time now as a fuel saving measure. In those applications, the electric motor or ...

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    BMW pumps up 1 Series Down Under with next-gen diesel

    Click on above image to see complete high resolution gallery.Australia's best selling small car over AUD$40,000 (US$31,440), the BMW 1 Series, is getting some upgrades; refreshed exterior and interior styling, increases in power and reductions in fuel consumption, plus a new generation ...


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