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    Report: BMW crushing ActiveE EVs, saving all batteries

    It's unlikely to spark a movement and a movie, the way a certain EV1 did a decade ago, but anyone who's seen Who Killed The Electric Car? will likely cringe at this bit of news. Despite the fact that crushing and recycling old vehicles is standard operating procedure in the auto industry, when ...

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    Report: BMW expands all-electric ActiveE testing in Leipzig

    Since too much information isn't exactly possible in some situations, BMW is continuing its electric vehicle user study in Leipzig, Germany. The automaker is working with TU Chemnitz (University of Technology) and Stadwerke Leipzig municipal utility to conduct an electromobility study with ...

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    Official: BMW offers history lesson on 40 years of electric vehicle efforts

    If nothing else, we can thank BMW for giving us the rare opportunity to post a picture of one of its classic, super-boxy '70s models. In this case, it's an electrified version of its 1602, the progenitor to the popular 2002. The 1602 was the German automaker's first foray into electric-vehicle ...

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    Exclusive: BMW gets "Born Electric" on tour, lays out electric vehicle, carbon fiber plans

    For the Los Angeles Auto Show next week, BMW will show off a new i3 concept – "admittedly a tease," we were told – and not some sort of plug-in i4, as had been rumored. While we won't be seeing the production version of the city electric, the good news is that each iteration of the ...

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    Official: BMW introduces DriveNow carsharing, ParkNow service to San Francisco

    A little over a year ago, BMW announced its DriveNow partnership with Sixt. That car-sharing service – which is active in three cities in Germany: Berlin, Munich and Dusseldorf – made its U.S. debut in San Francisco in June. Today, BMW gave more details on the San Francisco service ...

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    Official: BMW's ActiveE gets all the greener with Green Mountain solar partnership

    Most anyone who follows the plug-in vehicle scene is familiar with at least one electric-vehicle driver whose car is "powered by sunlight" because of a solar-panel power-supply system at home. If you don't know such a person, you can meet one. Or, with BMW and Green Mountain Energy, you can ...

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    Official: Electric vehicle fan says solar-powered EVs cut monthly driving costs in half

    The solar panels are a big help. Our friend Peder Norby says his family's monthly transportation expenses for his two electric cars – a BMW ActiveE and Honda Fit EV are about half those for the two gas cars he and his wife used to drive. Norby calculates that the ActivE and Fit EV cost a ...

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    Refuel 2012 is undoubtedly the best Refuel ever [w/video]

    Three years ago, when the very first Refuel event was held at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, it was a relatively small affair with a smattering of vehicles in attendance. With the fourth edition of this electric vehicle-centric happening now complete, it's amazing to see how much has changed. And, ...

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    Recalls: BMW 1 Series ActiveE recalled over power steering woes

    BMW and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have announced that the 1 Series ActiveE is being recalled. We don't imagine many of those reading this are owners of the recalled machine since the first ActiveE was just delivered to a paying customer in January of this year and the ...

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    Official: BMW gets sunny with ActiveE drivers, offers deal with Real Goods Solar

    Think of them as hippies in yuppie clothing. That's the idea behind the deal BMW and solar-panel system installer Real Goods Solar is offering drivers of the German automaker's battery-electric ActiveE vehicles. BMW is working with the Louisville, CO-based solar-panel system installer to give ...

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    Video: BMW looks back at 40 years of electomobility in 70 seconds [w/video]

    Every now and again, we get reminded that BMW has been working on all-electric powertrains for decades. In 2009, we put together a gallery of some of the automaker's electric prototypes through the years, like the electric 1602 you see above. In a new video, BMW compacts the work it has done on ...

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    Report: BMW, Tendril will build demonstration home 'wired' for ActivE electric vehicle

    BMW and Boulder, CO-based energy management company Tendril will build a demonstration home designed to power BMW's ActiveE electric vehicle while minimizing the home and the car's carbon footprint, the New York Times reported. The home, which will be built at BMW's San Francisco Bay Area ...

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    Official: BMW ActiveE enrollment process now open in test markets

    It isn't every day that BMW offers an electric vehicle, but the ActiveE is just that. The German luxury car maker is now accepting applications for 700 ActiveE "Electronauts" in the test markets of Boston, Hartford, New York, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco. The hand-raisers ...

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    Official: BMW delivers first U.S. ActiveE electric vehicle

    BMW has delivered its ActiveE electric vehicle to its first U.S. customers, as the German automaker enters the next phase of its domestic EV testing after the Mini E. Tom and Meredith Moloughney, who were one of the original testers of the Mini E in 2009, represent the first of about 700 ...

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    After 36,000 solar-powered miles, MiniE driver ready to make the switch to BMW ActiveE (and an SUV)

    The name Peder Norby should be familiar to anyone who's been involved with BMW's all-electric MiniE program. The driver of MiniE #183 has put 36,000 sun-powered miles on his EV and has long been a strong proponent of getting more people to make the shift to electric vehicles. His latest target? ...

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    First Drive: 2012 BMW ActiveE

    How does one make the decision to put $2,250 down and then pay $499 a month for a 24-month lease of an all-electric BMW? Autoblog's Damon Lavrinc is currently working out his personal answer to this exact question about the 2012 BMW ActiveE and recently got the chance to test out the all-electric 1 ...

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    Video: BMW seeks 700 "Electronauts" for 2012 ActiveE test fleet

    BMW is on a mission (not from God) to create something grander than just an electric vehicle. The German automaker's stated mission is to reshape history and "redefine the boundaries of the way we live, and the way we move." The next step of the mission starts soon, using the all-electric 2012 ...

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    Coulomb Technologies to electrify Boston with install of 150 charging stations

    Despite the fact that BMW selected AeroVironment (AV) as its "preferred provider" of electric vehicle charging equipment, accessories and installation services for its Active E, the German automaker has teamed with Coulomb Technologies, not AV, to jointly announce that "drivers of the forthcoming ...

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    BMW gets ready to lease electric vehicles with ING purchase

    Financial institution ING has agreed to sell its automotive leasing service, ING Car Lease, to BMW for an estimated €700 million ($994 million U.S. at the current exchange rate) as part of the Dutch firm's efforts to focus its portfolio on core activities and to repay its remaining €3 ...

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    Video: BMW kicks off production of the Active E

    BMW's latest video details the start of production of the battery-powered Active E – the zero-emissions vehicle that, just a few short years ago, seemed no more than a dream to Mirco Schwarze, team leader at BMW's facility in Leipzig, Germany. Going from dream to reality in three years, ...


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