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bmw hydrogen

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    Report: Chairman says BMW will make 100,000 electric vehicles a year by 2020

    We know demand for the BMW i3 has been high, both in the US and Europe. It appears that BMW's crystal ball is showing a steady increase in interest between now and 2020. By that year, according to Norbert Reithofer, chairman of the board of management for BMW AG, the company expects to build ...

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    BMW adds hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to Spartanburg facility

    BMW used to regularly tout its hydrogen-powered 7 Series until that program was killed in late 2009. The Hydrogen 7 used H2 in an internal combustion engine and when BMW said it was done making the car, it said it would focus its hydrogen efforts on fuel cells. There's no news of a new H2-powered ...

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    Report: BMW hydrogen-electric hybrid drivetrain could see use in Mini lineup

    Not too long ago we learned that BMW was secretly working on a hydrogen hybrid powertrain. Then, just days ago, we brought spy shots of the real deal caught in action. Yep, that's a modified front-wheel drive 1 Series pictured sporting both hydrogen and electric components. Now there's even more ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW 1 Series hydrogen hybrid spotted testing

    BMW hydrogen hybrid 1 Series prototype – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We recently learned from BMW that it was working on a hydrogen hybrid powertrain that was being tested in a modified front wheel drive 1 series. The announcement was buried in a lengthy press release about the ...

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    BMW rumored to quit hydrogen but just dropping Hydrogen 7

    BMW Hydrogen 7 - click above for high-res image gallery
    We hadn't heard much about BMW's Hydrogen 7 for a while. Some people thought this signaled the end of the Bavarian marque's interest in hydrogen technology. The rumor was so widespread that the Germany newspaper Handlesblatt even recently ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW testing hydrogen hybrid 1 Series?

    Is BMW working on a new hydrogen-fueled hybrid automobile? Judging by this series of spy photos from Bimmerpost, the answer may very well be yes. A close look at the side glass shows a sticker that reads "Hybrid Test Vehicle." So, that answers the question about whether or not it's a hybrid... but ...

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    BMW cranks up the efficiency of hydrogen internal combustion engines

    BMW has been active in the development of hydrogen as an automotive fuel for many years but they have taken a distinctly different path from virtually every other automaker. Instead of fuel cells, BMW has stuck to internal combustion engines and, rather than compressed gas, it has used liquified ...

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    Hilary Swank smiles for a BMW Hydrogen 7

    click to enlarge
    Somebody needs to break out the Handiwipes, what with all of the celebrities and politicians who have shared the BMW Hydrogen 7 recently (granted, there is a fleet of them). The latest is Hilary Swank, who drove the H7 and gave BMW the chance to combine references to Swank's role ...

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    BMW builds a hydrogen-only version of the Hydrogen 7

    So far all the Hydrogen 7s that BMW has produced and distributed have been dual fuel vehicles that are capable of running on either hydrogen or gasoline. This is helpful since the H7 only has a range of about 100 miles from its tank of liquid hydrogen. BMW has now built a mono-fuel hydrogen only ...

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    BMW's hydrogen V12 engine: only a fraction of SULEV emissions levels

    There are many hurdles standing in the way of hydrogen becoming widespread as an energy carrier for our vehicles, either by the direct burning of it in internal combustion engines or in fuel cells. Very few hydrogen refueling centers exist today, and the gas is difficult to capture, transport and ...

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    Will Ferrell gets first BMW hydrogen 7 for regular use on US roads

    The first American driver that will get to have a BMW Hydrogen 7 for use as a daily driver on regular roads will be none other than legendary circle track racer Ricky Bobby himself. BMW has turned over the keys to Will Ferrell as they launched their Hydrogen 7 Pioneer Program. Even though the ...

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    Editorial: More on BMW, ethanol, hydrogen and hybrids

    Earlier Jeremy wrote a post referencing a Detroit News article about a panel discussion on Policies and Issues Affecting Consumer Choices of Vehicles and Fuels at the SAE World Congress in Detroit. I attended that discussion along with several others and wanted to share my own thoughts on it. One ...

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    BMW's Christoph Huss says hydrogen is still the long-term answer

    When Margo Oge, director of the EPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality, mentioned that ethanol production is way past the governments mandates, this article says that Cristoph Huss, BMW senior vice president for science and traffic policy, shook his head. He suggests that BMW still sees ...

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    EU Commissioner for Science and Research likes the HyICE project's hydrogen ICE

    With the Hydrogen 7 hitting the streets (and the Oscars), BMW is busy making the case for liquid hydrogen combustion engines. The European Union is listening. Last week, the EU endorsed the hydrogen combustion engine as a technology of the future after the HyICE project was praised by EU ...

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    Geneva preview: Giugiaro Vadho uses BMW hydrogen V12 engine

    As promised earlier, here is the second of the super high performance cars that will be shown at the upcoming Auto Show in Geneva. As I said earlier, each of these vehicles was previewed on Autoblog yesterday, and you can find the link to their coverage here. So, without further ado, I present ...

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    BMW helps launch hydrogen filling station in Irvine, California

    With the only hydrogen-drive luxury performance automobile on the market (the Hydrogen 7, above, which is actually coming soon), it's no surprise that BMW is supportive of new hydrogen fueling stations. One such station opened at the University of California, Irvine, with BMW as a project ...

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    LA Auto Show: BMW officials see Hydrogen 7 as peek of the future

    Reaction to the BMW Hydrogen 7 is divided into two camps: Those impressed with the innovative technology that allows a luxury car to run on either gasoline or liquiefied hydrogen, and those wondering if the anyone will ever be able to drive it. BMW unveiled the Hydrogen 7 to the public for the ...

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    Spiegel comes down hard on BMW Hydrogen 7

    The influential German magazine Spiegel isn't impressed with the energy balance presented by the luxurious BMW Hydrogen 7. Claiming the vehicle will "put more strain on the environment than a heavy diesel truck," the magazine pointed out the car requires 50 liters of hydrogen to drive the same ...

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    BMW Hydrogen 7 enters production today

    The few lucky ones who will get to drive the new BMW Hydrogen 7 next year can mark today down on the calendar as the car's birthday. The limited edition clean car entered production today, with an initial set of 100 being made. We won't get to see the Hydrogen 7 until the end of the month (the 28th ...

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    BMW partners with Total to build hydrogen station in Munich, Germany

    A hydrogen storage tank was installed last week at what will become the first public hydrogen filling station in the Munich metropolitan area. The station is being opened by a partnership between BMW and Total that plans to open three hydrogen filling stations in Europe by the end of 2007. The ...


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