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    Exclusive: Plug In 2014: BMW i DC Fast Charger is poised to change the EV game
    Interoperability, Ease-Of-Use Are Key Factors For Plug-In Vehicle Adoption 1407441480

    It looks like it's just a blue box on a pole, but BMW's new i DC Fast Charger represents a much bigger deal than just the lowest-cost SAE Combo Charger on the market. BMW sees it as the key to getting more drivers into electric vehicles. As Robert Healey, the EV infrastructure manager for BMW of ...

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    Recharge Wrap-up: Mercedes gets F1 efficiency, EV charging in Vermont, VW e-Golf to use Bosch
    Brammo, TEAM Industries To Make Electric Drivertrains Together 1405363920

    Efficiency equals performance, especially in the case of Formula 1 racing. The Mercedes AMC Petronas team points to several key efficiency technologies it uses to get the most out of its cars. And if their utter dominance so far this season is testament to this relationship, perhaps we should pay ...

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    Official: NHTSA investigating Bosch Power Xpress 240V EV chargers for fire risk

    *UPDATED with Bosch's comment. Let's stamp out the flames of suspicion right up front. A new National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigation, while involving a 2013 Nissan Leaf and some smoke, is not about another EV fire. Not directly, anyway. "Nissan has determined by ...

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    Official: Evatran, Bosch will sell wireless home charger for as low as $1,998*

    At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today, the big news for plug in vehicles is that they can now start to ditch the plug. As expected, the system costs around $3,000 and is available for both the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Volt. For the first 250 customers, though, Evatran is ...

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    Official: Bosch says new stop/start coasting hybrid tech can cut fuel use by 10%

    Turns out, your car's engine is useless about a third of the time when you're driving. Bosch is using that math to estimate that the newest generation of its stop-start system could cut a car's overall fuel use by about 10 percent. Most stop-start systems involved merely shutting off the engine ...

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    Report: Bosch has big plans for better, cheaper li-ion batteries in 2020

    Robert Bosch GmbH and GS Yuasa Corp. think they can solve the cost and range limitation quandaries faced by lithium ion batteries and the electric vehicles they go into. By 2020, German automotive supplier Bosch and Japanese battery maker GS Yuasa plan to deliver a li-ion battery that costs half ...

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    Report: Bosch will install wireless charging stations for $3k a pop for Leaf, Volt owners

    Germany-based Bosch will install wireless charging stations at the homes of Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt drivers for about $3,000 each, implying that a wireless system is worth about $2,500 in convenience compared to cord systems, Plug In Cars says. Bosch Automotive Service's installation of ...

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    Official: Bosch sees 180-mile EVs as 'minimum' by 2020

    While less than expected electric-vehicle sales in many parts of the world have many industry watchers pooh-poohing the growth prospects for plug-in cars, German component maker Bosch sees a bright future. The company, which among other things makes components for EVs like the Fiat 500e, expects ...

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    Official: Bosch Power Max becomes cheapest Level 2 home EV charger at just $450

    Consumers now have some real choices for deals on electric vehicle chargers, whether exploring options through Home Depot, setting up an all-in-one package when buying their EV or going with Bosch for the cheapest Level 2 home charging station on the market. Bosch Automotive Service Solutions is ...

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    Report: Bosch turns off light on money-losing solar power unit

    Major automotive supplier Bosch is stepping out of the solar power business after having lost 2.4 billion euros (nearly $3.1 billion US) since starting up its solar energy subsidiary in 2008. Bosch will end its solar power panel production early next year, and put parts of this business unit up ...

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    Official: German automakers renew push for clean-diesel sales in US

    Germany's largest automakers are renewing their pitch for their clean-diesel vehicles in the US as a way for consumers to combat high gas prices without having to resort to the (often) even pricier hybrid and plug-in hybrid options. Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler, Porsche and ...

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    Official: The latest way to improve li-ion batteries? Better algorithms

    It looks like they do more than surf down in San Diego. Folks at the UC San Diego's Jacobs School of Engineering say they've figured out a way to make batteries lighter and faster-charging by creating algorithms that simulate the physical activity inside a typical lithium-ion battery. Usually, ...

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    Official: Bosch, Samsung dissolving SB LiMotive battery partnership

    After four years of partnering with Samsung SDI on lithium-ion battery production, Bosch apparently wants to go it alone. SB LiMotive, the Bosch-Samsung SDI joint-venture created to produce lithium-ion batteries for electric-drive vehicles, will be dissolved once its current contract obligations ...

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    Official: All-electric Holden sets 'unofficial' 24-hour record with 1,172 miles

    G'day, mate. And a mighty long one. A battery-electric Holden Commodore set what its builders say is an unofficial record for miles driven purely on electric power over the course of 24 hours. Australia-based EV Engineering said that the Holden (the brand is General Motors' Australian division) ...

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    Official: Daimler, Bosch finalize EM-motive electric motor joint venture

    Daimler AG and Bosch GmbH have concluded negotiations, formally establishing a 50:50 joint venture (JV) to develop and manufacture electric motors. The JV, officially called EM-motive GmbH, will manufacture traction motors for electric, fuel cell and extended-range vehicles at a facility in ...

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    Bosch ready to pump out 200,000 lithium-ion cells a year by 2015

    Automotive supplier Bosch says it will build a pilot production line in Eisenach, Germany to develop and manufacture future generations of lithium-ion cells. Bosch says the line will produce samples for trial purposes in late 2012 and then expand until it can hit an annual production volume of ...

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    Daimler and Bosch sign electric motor joint venture

    Smart Fortwo Electric Drive – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Daimler AG and Bosch GmbH have formally established a 50:50 joint venture (JV) for electric motors. The JV, officially called EM-motive GmbH, will develop and manufacture traction motors for electric vehicles at a ...

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    Bosch ready to "battle" for lithium-ion battery contracts

    Ready for some fighting words? (Literally?) Automotive supplier Bosch is gearing up to "battle" other companies for contracts to provide lithium-ion batteries to automakers for future plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. Bosch board member for sales and marketing Peter Tyroller told Automotive ...

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    SB LiMotive to double li-ion battery production in Korea; eyeing sites in Europe, U.S.

    SB LiMotive, the 50:50 joint venture between Bosch and Samsung SDI, fired up the lines at its Ulsan, South Korea lithium-ion battery plant back in January of 2011. With massive "volume projects" already in the works, the Korea Times reports that SB LiMotive will, come 2015, double its li-ion ...

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    Report: Volkswagen to sign major battery contract with Bosch

    German automotive supplier Bosch is set to announce a major battery contract with Volkswagen, according to Reuters. By awarding Bosch the contract, VW, which previously inked a battery-related deal with Sanyo, will have at least two massive companies lined up to supply it with batteries for ...


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