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    Official: FlightCar carsharing program lands at LAX

    Just in time for the holiday travel rush, FlightCar is expanding to the Los Angeles airport. The why-don't-you-rent-out-your-car-while-you're-away carsharing service started in San Francisco and is also available in Boston. Now the money-making scheme will be on offer at the world's sixth-busiest ...

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    Official: Zipcar loves Honda Plug-in Hybrids in Boston carsharing program

    You many not be able to pahk yah cah at Hahvahd Yahd, but if you're driving one of Zipcar's new Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid vehicles nearby, you can now park it at Boston Common Garage. And a few other places. The world's biggest carsharing company, now owned by Avis Budget Group, has added four ...

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    Report: Tesla powers up East Coast with first stops in new Supercharger network

    The argument can now be made that Tesla Motors has come up with a sleeker alternative to the Amtrak lines that run along the Eastern Seaboard. The California-based electric vehicle company has installed the first East Coast fast-charging stations, allowing Model S owners to make the 450-mile trek ...

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    Report: Gas-guzzlers will pay more at this Boston-area parking lot, greenies pay less

    It'll cost you a little more to pahk your cah in this yahd. That's what one Boston parking lot owner is saying to SUV and other gas-guzzler vehicle drivers planning to use a new parking lot near the city's TD Garden, according to the Boston Herald. Dinosaur Capital Partners will adjust pricing ...

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    Official: Zipcar launches city-government car-sharing program in Boston

    Zipcar, the largest U.S. car-sharing service, last week launched a program in Boston in which city employees can share city-owned vehicles in an effort to save money and cut emissions. Zipcar, which is based in nearby Cambridge, MA, will install its software in the city-owned vehicles as part as ...

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    Report: Boston-Power CEO, CFO, founder resign amidst shift of resources to China

    Here we tell the tale of an executive shake-up of epic proportions. Keith Schmid, chief executive officer Boston-Power, a Massachusetts-based company that designs and manufacturers application-specific lithium-ion batteries, has reportedly resigned amidst word that the firm will soon shift some ...

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    Coulomb Technologies to electrify Boston with install of 150 charging stations

    Despite the fact that BMW selected AeroVironment (AV) as its "preferred provider" of electric vehicle charging equipment, accessories and installation services for its Active E, the German automaker has teamed with Coulomb Technologies, not AV, to jointly announce that "drivers of the forthcoming ...

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    Vegan Juice: PETA to advertise on EV charging stations?

    It would seem that PETA is thinking that electric car drivers might be the same who'd rather go naked than wear fur... or something like that. In any case, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is urging the City of Boston to place ads with green eggs and ham chickens that tout a meat-free ...

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    One Gallon Challenge, sort of an X-Prize lite, coming to Massachusetts in August

    ExerTrike Tri-Hybrids - Click above for a gallery
    While we wait for the $10 million Automotive X Prize road races to get started, our old friend Jory Squibb is organizing a 100-mile race through Massachusetts that will put some of the most efficient and unusual vehicles around today through their ...

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    Video: Vectrix electric scooters lead Boston Marathon

    Click on the image to watch the full videoAs the video pasted after the break points out, running a 26 mile marathon is a tough task as it is. Though this writer couldn't hope to complete one anyway, doing so while bracketed by pollution-spewing cars and motorcycles makes it that much harder. So, ...

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    Video: natural gas Honda Civic re-fueling

    Above is another video from my trip to AltWheels Boston 2007. The video is a look at the Phill home refueling station, topping off a Honda Civic GNG (Compressed Natural Gas) car. Natural gas cars are actually the cleanest cars you can buy today, even cleaner than hybrids, but they just don't get ...

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    Video: VW's Dieselution tour pollutes at AltWheels Boston

    We recently wrote about the VW's DIESELUTION tour. I took the video above of the Dieselution tour's stop at AltWheels Boston 2007. IMHO, VW should have called the tour Dissolution. Don't get me wrong. I like VW. I think they are great brand and really could have surfed the green revolution wave. I ...

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    Boston AltWheels ABG Video: Spend some time with Ford's Edge plug-in concept

    The video above is a look at the Ford Edge plug-in at AltWheels Boston 2007. The Edge concept is a plug-in electric car with a fuel cell range extender. If it were for sale, you could charge the Edge's lithium-ion batteries by plugging it into a 110- or 220-volt socket or use the fuel cell range ...

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    AltWheels Video: GM describes Tahoe hybrid as a "big ass hybrid," Sir Mix-A-Lot would be proud

    The video above is a tour of the GM booth at AltWheels Boston 2007. Sir Mix-A-Lot would be proud to know that GM described its new Tahoe hybrid, the company's first full hybrid, as a "big ass hybrid" in the video. That colorful wording proves GM definitely wants the public to think hybrids are big, ...

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    AutoblogGreen goes to AltWheels Boston

    I just got back from AltWheels Boston 2007. Over the next few days, I am going to write about interesting things at the show. There is not much to this article right now but I will update it with links to all the articles about the AltWheels Boston 2007. Until I begin to update this article with ...

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    Boston introduces hybrid taxis

    During the recent AltWheels Festival in Boston, Mayor Tom Menino announce a new hybrid taxi initiative for the city. A new Toyota Camry hybrid owned by the Boston Cab Association is now roaming the streets of Boston. Taxis are an ideal application for hybrid vehicles because the bulk of their use ...

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    AltWheels festival showcases efficient transportation

    Organizers are preparing for the 4th annual AltWheels Festival to be held in Boston Sept. 22-24. More than 8,000 attendees are expected, including corporate and government officials. All types of alternate transportation vehicles will be showcased, and there will interactive exhibits, test rides ...

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    USPS hybrid delivery vehicle being tested in Boston

    The United State Postal Service announced yesterday that they would be testing an electric hybrid delivery vehicle in the Boston area. The van was converted by Azure Dynamics Incorporated, Boston.The USPS uses about 125 million gallons of motor fuel a year, Vice President of Engineering Walter ...


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