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    Official: Canadian town rules new gas stations need to offer alternatives, too

    One Canadian town has put an alt-fuel mandate into effect that may have any self-respecting American electric-vehicle advocate be willing to convert to the metric system. The city of Surrey, British Columbia, about 20 miles southeast of Vancouver, is going to require that any gas station built or ...

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    Official: U of British Columbia touts cheaper, more efficient wireless EV charger

    Oh, Canada. Our neighbors to the north say they've come up with a cheaper, more efficient wireless charging system for electric vehicles. Specifically, engineers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) have developed a way to wirelessly charge a vehicle that cuts frequency by 99 percent, an ...

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    British Columbia getting ambitious plug-in vehicle recharging network

    British Columbia, especially the area around Vancouver, has been heavy into fuel cells thanks to local companies like Ballard (see: those Olympic fuel cell buses). Plug-in electric vehicles are getting noticed there, though, thanks to a push to bring in the Nissan Leaf and to mandate the ...

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    Lithium battery recycling facility suffers explosions, fire

    A big piece of the end-of-life plan for lithium batteries is recycling and there is only one place in North America currently capable of carrying out that procedure. That facility, owned and operated by Toxco Waste Management in southeastern British Columbia, experienced a large fire last ...

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    H2 Olympics power: BC Transit gets first fuel cell bus with Ballard stack

    Over two years ago, we first learned the British Columbia Transit was planning to acquire 20 fuel cell-powered buses for use in the Whistler area ahead of the 2010 Winter Olympics. The first of those buses was recently delivered to the transit company with the rest arriving over the coming weeks ...

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    Vancouver, BC signs on for Mitsubishi iMiEV testing

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the IMiEV
    The latest test site for the Mitsubishi iMiEV is in the Great White North, specifically the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Vancouver joins several other locales on the west coast in testing the viability of electric cars (see also: ...

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    B.C. to increase the carbon tax on drivers by 2.4 cents per liter during the summer

    As you know, some countries are trying to reduce fossil fuels consumption by creating a carbon tax that is applied to products such as gasoline. One such example is British Columbia, Canada, where a tax of 2.4 cents for each liter of gasoline is going to be included in gas prices next summer. ...

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    Zenn is now legal to drive on Canada's streets

    Less than a week ago, we told you about a CBC report with Zenn complaining Transport Canada was not allowing its low speed vehicle to sold in Canada. The report included a regulatory enforcement engineer that explained they were not being allowed to be sold yet because they were going to change the ...

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    BC transit sticking with clean diesel buses over hybrids for now

    BC Transit, the company that operates transit bus services in the Vancouver-British Columbia region, has decided to go with new diesel buses instead of hybrids for the time being. The company has been operating half a dozen buses equipped with the GM-Allison two-mode hybrid system for over a year ...

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    British Columbia to mandate diesel emissions retrofits for trucks

    The Government of the western Canadian province of British Columbia will be the first to require older commercial trucks to be retrofitted with new emissions control equipment. The BC government will require all heavy duty diesel vehicles, including government fleet vehicles that weigh more than ...

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    Whistler BC to get fleet of fuel cell buses

    Many of the world's best winter athletes will be converging on Whistler, British Columbia in early 2010 for the next Winter Olympic games and they will be followed by thousands of tourists. When those crowds descend on the resort town 70 miles north of Vancouver a lot of them will get around on the ...

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    Canadian state moves to clean up coal-fired power plants

    A new provisional policy has been announced by the progressive Canadian state of British Columbia to clean up coal-fired power stations; the same state that the GLOBE Foundation believes could be energy self-sufficient by 2025. The new policy requires that new coal-fired power plants must emit no ...

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    B.C. minster eager to follow U.S. lead in biodiesel

    British Columbia Agriculture Minister Pat Bell has called for a feasibility study for the first implementation of a biodiesel production facility in the Peace region of the western Canadian province. Bell puts his faith in biodiesel as an answer to fluctuating fuel prices and feeble farmer profits ...

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    Laughing at the price of gas

    Electric car conversions are more frequent in British Columbia, since the release of the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?" Randy Holmquist runs Canadian Electric Vehicles in Errington, B.C. and says he used to sell only one or two conversions a year. Now he's selling up to two a month. ...


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