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    Two Wheels: Bell Custom Cycles puts price on Brutus electric cruiser, promises deliveries by December

    After building Brutus, an all-electric retro-cruiser, Chris Bell decided he could improve on that initial machine. And he did, creating a stripped down, more brutal 2.0 version with lithium batteries and a stronger driveline. Now, Bell Custom Cycles is ready to build bikes for paying ...

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    Brutus 2.0 electric cruiser is beastlier, more beautiful

    Brutus two, eh? We thought the original Brutus electric cruiser was a beautiful beast and fully expected the lithium-powered follow-up to be decidedly better than the lead-acid battery beta. We didn't, however, expect this. With acceleration that will surprise you like a backstab, this new build ...

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    Two Wheels: The Brutus electric cruiser is a beauty and a beast

    The Brutus is a beautiful beast of an electric motorcycle. Originally garage-built as a one-off to show that a gas-free bike could have the look and feel of a traditional cruiser, the result was so satisfactory that its maker, Chris Bell, decided to open a proper shop and turn them out for ...


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