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    Spy Shots: Is this dub-rockin' Chevrolet Volt actually a Cadillac Converj in disguise?

    Our spy photographers managed to spot something curious (and decidedly hilarious) recently. General Motors has been busy testing what would appear to be Chevrolet Volt models with massive 20-inch wheels and tires in place of the low-rolling resistance pieces on the stock plug-in. Why? Guesses ...

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    Detroit: 2013 Cadillac ATS debuts in Detroit, diesel engine confirmed

    It's the eve of the Detroit Auto Show, and Cadillac officially kicked things off tonight by unveiling its 2013 ATS sedan at Detroit's College for Creative Studies. Why CCS? Many of the college's graduates go on to work in areas of automotive design, and as Ed Welburn, General Motors' Vice ...

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    Report: Cadillac diesel back on the table

    How would you feel about a Cadillac with a diesel engine? Those of you in America shouldn't bother answering that question, however – it's strictly for the Europeans. At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Cadillac's VP of marketing said that a diesel is "under consideration for vehicles sold ...

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    Green: A critical take on the Cadillac ELR Coupe

    It's safe to say that Mark Modica at the National Legal and Policy Center is no fan of the Chevy Volt. He calls sales of the vehicle "horrible" and says that publications like Motor Trend have lost credibility in praising GM's plug-in hybrid. Now that the General has announced that the Volt ...

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    Report: Cadillac likely to approve flagship, more hybrid models

    According to The Detroit Bureau, Cadillac is aiming to produce a new high-end flagship on the massive Omega platform. The news comes in the wake of the exuberant public reaction to the company's Ciel Concept, and General Motors says that a hard-top version of the lengthy convertible is already in ...

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    Video: Jay Leno and GM design boss Ed Welburn peruse the Cadillac Ciel concept

    The Cadillac Ciel concept is a convertible showstopper that wowed crowds at this year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Not surprisingly, Jay Leno managed to secure some talking time with General Motors VP of Global Design Ed Wellburn, and the two chatted about the ultimate Art and ...

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    Monterey: Cadillac Ciel Concept designed for decadent drives up the coast

    Cadillac has chosen the backdrop of this week's classic car festivities in Monterey, California to debut a new concept convertible called the Ciel, which means "sky" in French. The four-seat, four-door drop top was designed to be the ultimate carriage for a drive up the coast, as well as hints at ...

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    Report: Cadillac ELR to cost less than $57,400 Tesla Model S

    Cadillac Converj ELR concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    General Motors has confirmed production of the Voltec-powered Cadillac ELR coupe. Though the automaker didn't officially announce pricing for the on-again, off-again angular coupe, Bloomberg claims an unidentified ...

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    Official: Cadillac confirms production ELR coupe using Chevy Volt technology

    Cadillac has just announced that the production version of its 2009 Detroit Auto Show show star, the Converj Concept, is on the way. Dubbed ELR and borrowing technology from the Chevrolet Volt, the on-again, off-again angular coupe had been rumored anew in the last few days. Now, Cadillac has ...

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    Rumormill: Cadillac Converj gets production green light again?

    Cadillac Converj Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Unveiled at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, the Cadillac Converj concept is perhaps General Motors most on-again, off-again vehicle in recent years. Based on the Chevrolet Volt, the Converj is a plug-in hybrid coupe with ...

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    Review: Review: 2011 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid Platinum

    Revisiting A Green-Tinged Guilty Pleasure Your smug neighbors clean their clothes with Method laundry detergent, they've laid down cork flooring on their first floor and they have organic cotton shower curtains hanging in all four of their bathrooms. Driveways around the country are filled with ...

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    Report: Report: London Mayor Boris Johnson hits Obama's motorcade with congestion charge

    Rules are rules, and they apply equally to everyone – including the President of the United States. Especially when he's on foreign soil. After President Barack Obama's famous Cadillac limousine – known as The Beast – got stuck exiting the US embassy in Dublin, it was shipped ...

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    Report: GM cancels plug-in hybrid Cadillac SRX

    In early March, we reported that General Motors was toying with the idea of expanding its plug-in hybrid vehicle lineup. At the time, the Cadillac SRX crossover was rumored to be a candidate for plug-in technology. During an interview with AutoblogGreen, Jon Stec, fuel system integration ...

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    Report: GM CEO Akerson says Chevy Volt tech coming to minivan

    2011 Chevrolet Volt charging port - Click above for high-res image gallery The more vehicles General Motors is able to build using the battery technology pioneered in its 2011 Chevrolet Volt, the better chance the automaker has of earning a return on its significant investment into the ...

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    Cadillac Aera Concept, Smart 454 tied for Top Concepts at LA Auto Show Design Challenge

    Cadillac Aera Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The focus at the LA Auto Show is on new production vehicles as well as concepts that hint at an automaker's direction for the very near future. One aspect of the show however, looks further into the distance and pushes designers ...

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    LA 2010: Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept scales down Art & Science for big-city life

    2010 Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Cadillac, usually an automaker that likes to go big, has taken a stab at scaling things back with the 2010 Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept unveiled at the 2010 LA Auto Show today. The Urban Luxury Concept is a ...

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    GM investing $190M at Lansing Grand River plant for production of Cadillac ATS

    Last Thursday, General Motors announced that it will invest $190 million at its Lansing Grand River assembly plant to retool for the production of an "all-new small luxury car" slated to join the Cadillac lineup in the fall of 2012. This model, known as the ATS, slots in below the Cadillac CTS and ...

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    LA Auto Show Design Challenge entrants reveal 1,000-pound car concepts

    Nissan iV concept – Click above for high-res image gallery of all 2010 LA Auto Show Design Challenge entrants
    The LA Auto Show is once again knocking at the door, and with it comes the annual Design Challenge competition. This year the competition has extended invitations to Japanese and ...

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    Cadillac not concerned with Lincoln MKZ hybrid launch, Converj status unchanged

    2009 Cadillac Converj concept – Click above for high-res gallery
    Ford Motor Company recently unveiled its Lincoln MKZ Hybrid at the New York Auto Show. The vehicle will become the brand's first entry into the luxury hybrid vehicle segment, a segment dominated by Lexus products. For Ford, ...

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    Report: Cadillac XTS plug-in hybrid confirmed for production

    Cadillac XTS Platinum concept unveiled at 2010 Detroit Auto Show – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Back in January, we watched as Cadillac took the wraps off of its big XTS Platinum sedan concept under the Detroit Auto Show lights. And while parent company General Motors insisted on ...


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