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california energy commission

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    Official: San Diego company adding 19 E85 pumps at California stations

    Count Pearson Fuels, and the state of California for that matter, is among proponents of boosting ethanol content in light-duty vehicle fuel. San Diego-based Person received a $1.35-million grant to add pumps that distribute fuel with an 85-percent ethanol mix – i.e. E85 – at 19 new ...

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    Official: Tesla gets $10 million from California for Model X production

    The Golden State is providing some green for the Tesla Model X. The California Energy Commission (CEC) has awarded electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors $10 million to expand its Fremont, CA, plant to accommodate production for the Model X SUV. Tesla, which currently employs around 3,000 people, ...

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    Report: California revokes 'hydrogen highway' grants

    Total Recall? That Arnold Schwarzenegger film title may be apropos for the California Energy Commission's decision last week to at least temporarily revoke about $27 million in grants earmarked for a string of hydrogen refueling stations through the state formerly governed by the action-film ...

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    California Energy Commission launches alt-fuel vehicle website Drive

    The California Energy Commission (CEC) has launched Drive – a website designed to educate industry professionals, fleet managers and consumers about greener transportation choices for the 21st century. The Drive site details a wide swath of transportation projects, from producing renewable ...

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    California Energy Commission leverages green transport with $9.6 million

    The California Energy Commission has just approved grants to provide investment for eight recipients that should result in both greener transport and job creation. The $9.6 million disbursement is to be matched with $11,969,855 in private funds and hope abounds for hundreds of job to result. Some ...

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    California spends $1.9M to upgrade existing plug-in vehicle charging infrastructure

    As you may already know, the state of California has an existing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, most of which has been in place for more than a decade. This includes approximately 3,000 charging stations, some of which are in need of repairs; others require some sort of ...

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    University of California - Davis gets $3 million for Plug-In hybrid research

    The University of California - Davis has been at the forefront of a lot of alternative fuel research in recent years, including hydrogen generation, producing fuels from biomass by various biological methods and hybrids. The California Energy Commission has now awarded another $3 million to ...

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    California Energy Commission has grants available for Biofuels Research

    If you're doing research on producing biofuels from cellulosic biomass, the California Energy Commission has some money for you! They have $3 million to give out to three or four projects. The Commission has put a solicitation for competitive grants for research, development and demonstration of ...


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