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    Official: California puts legislative muscle, $2b behind hydrogen fueling stations

    Last week, California regulators approved a bill that will fund more fleet purchases of zero-emissions vehicles while setting up a network of hydrogen refueling stations throughout the most populous US state. Assembly Bill 8, which is expected to be signed by Governor Jerry Brown, will provide ...

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    Calstart accelerating electric truck deployments with E-Truck Task Force

    Calstart, a catalyst organization for the global clean transportation technology industry, is launching an E-Truck Task Force aimed at accelerating the development and deployment of electric and other types of "zero-emissions" (read: fuel cell-equipped) medium-and heavy-duty trucks. Calstart's ...

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    FTA hands out $16.6 million for fuel cell bus projects

    Following the Department of Energy's $74 million fuel cell grant announcement, the U.S. Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has declared that it will award nearly $16.6 million to two organizations actively involved in fuel-cell powered bus research projects. The Center for Transportation and ...

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    Calstart to host first French-American electric vehicle forum

    On December 8th, Calstart, in conjunction with UBI France, will host the 1st French-American EV Technology Forum and it's open to the general public. Execs from North American and French automotive companies will converge upon the Renaissance Hotel in Long Beach, CA to discuss the evolving ...

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    Hybra-Drive hydraulic hybrid to undergo HTUF testing

    It's not often that a Hummer is pictured here on AutoblogGreen but this particular brute, owned by hydraulic hose and belt supplier Gates, is being converted to a hydraulic hybrid using a system developed by Hybra-Drive. We introduced them to you in '07 and now that they're making some news, we ...

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    AltCar Expo 2007: Transportation Planning Session

    At the Transportation Planning Session panel on Friday morning, the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo gave space for a variety of speakers to expound on the broad challenges confronting transportation planners in the region. While the discussion focuses on how LA can improve, there are a lot of areas in ...

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    DOE grants California funds to set up E85 fueling stations

    There are over 300,000 flex-fuel cars in California, yet just one E85 fueling station. Doesn't make much sense, does it? Moving to address the imbalance, the Department of Energy has granted funding to a group that includes CALSTART, GM, Pacific Ethanol and United Oil among others to begin the ...


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