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    Official: Tesla Model S vs. the world

    Since the Detroit Auto Show almost 12 months ago, Tesla began calling 2012 the Year of the Model S. Following the US launch earlier this year, the all-electric sedan is about to go on sale in Europe. Tesla's latest email newsletter reveals a bit about how the company is preparing audiences around ...

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    Report: Why did a biodiesel train cross US-Canada border over and over again?

    Biodiesel appears to be a tough business to enter, whether you're talking lawsuits over federal mandates or crackdowns on fraud. CBC News in Canada has investigated a cross-border mystery over biodiesel that thickens the plot. Allegedly, two years ago, biodiesel train shipments (not pictured) ...

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    Canadian man fighting for right to ride power-assisted e-bicycle

    A Canadian man is fighting in court for his right to ride a power-assisted electric bicycle. Chesley Earle, 25, who has a disability that impairs his ability to stand for long periods or walk long distances, saved his money for months to buy a bike powered by pedaling and electricity. He uses his ...

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    Official: Tesla Models S Canadian price starts at $65,500

    Tesla Motors has announced Canadian pricing for its 2012 Model S sedan. It looks like Canucks will have to shell out C$65,500 (around $66,400 U.S. at today's rate) to get into the least expensive, 40-kWh battery version of the all-electric. The 60-kWh variant will be C$75,200 ($76,200) and the ...

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    Video: Discovery takes a look at the Mitsubishi i

    It ain't Yosemite or shark attacks, but we'll take it. The Discovery Channel has turned its attention to the evolution of the Mitsubishi i electric vehicle. The channel will run an episode titled 'Birth of a Mitsubishi i-MiEV' on August 4. The show, which is promo'd in the awful short video ...

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    Official: Lexus RX450h to be made in Canada

    Sales are about to take off, eh? Toyota Motor Co. is counting on meeting what it says is "rising demand" for the Lexus RX450h by moving production of the crossover SUV hybrid north of the border. The Japanese automaker plans to build about 15,000 units of the model annually at its factory in ...

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    Report: Hydro-Quebec developing five-minute electric vehicle recharge technology

    Oh, Canada! Hydro-Quebec, a utility company that serves about 8 million residents of America's neighbor to the north, is working on an electric-vehicle charging system that can fully recharge a typical EV in about five minutes, the Canadian blog Wheels reports. The company, whose research ...

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    Official: Washington gets 10 EV charging stations between Seattle, Canadian border

    Different groups may be arguing about who's going to provide electric-vehicle charging stations along California highways but, a couple states north, they seem to have that issue figured out. The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and EV-charging-station maker AeroVironment ...

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    Official: Hark! Mitsubishi's 'Electriphobia Institute' cures EV anxiety!

    Think of it as Mitsubishi's nod to Canada's offbeat sense of humor. The Japanese automaker is using the 2012 Green Living Show in Toronto this week to launch what it calls its "Electriphobia Research Institute," which will promote the Mitsubishi battery-electric i-MiEV while it dispels some ...

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    Official: Azure Dynamics files for protection, cancels share offering

    Azure Dynamics, which develops electric-drive powertrains for automakers such as Ford Motor Co., said it will file for financial protection from its creditors under Canadian law and will cancel its plans to sell shares in what may be a precursor to a bankruptcy filing. The company said in a ...

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    Official: Car2Go will add 100 Smart ForTwos to Vancouver fleet

    Oh, Canada, indeed. Daimler AG's car2go car-sharing service, which has about 70,000 members throughout Europe and North America, is expanding its supply of Smart ForTwo cars to Vancouver customers by about 45 percent because of surging demand from customers throughout the Canadian West Coast ...

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    10,000 people circle White House against Keystone XL Pipeline

    This weekend brought a large turnout of protestors against the Keystone XL pipeline. An crowd estimated at between 10,000 and 12,000 circled the White House, railing against the pipeline that would bring oil from Canadian tar sands to the Gulf Coast. Opponents of the project are concerned both ...

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    Study: Even at today's prices, 20% of Canadians would save cash driving an EV

    What's the percentage of Canadian buyers that could benefit financially from choosing to go electric instead of relying on old internal combustion? Well, somewhere between 20 and 40 percent. According to the numbers presented by Matthew Stevens, head of automotive consulting firm CrossChasm ...

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    Report: Ontario resident buys Chevy Volt sight unseen

    Would you buy a vehicle without driving, touching or even seeing it? We know we wouldn't, but that's exactly what Lisa Osborne of Ontario, Canada did in late September. The Windsor-area resident became one of the first Chevrolet Volt buyers in Canada after she drove all the way to a Toronto-area ...

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    Nissan of Canada delivers first Leaf to Ottawa resident [w/video]

    Step by step, the arrival of the Nissan Leaf in Canada has inched forward. Now, Nissan of Canada handed over the keys to a shiny black 2011 Leaf SL to Ricardo Borba, a resident of Ottawa and the first individual in all of Canada to place a Nissan Leaf order. It was Allen Childs, president of ...

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    Report: 2011 Nissan Leaf "sells out" in two hours in Canada

    Over the weekend, Nissan Canada officially opened the reservation process for the all-electric Leaf. Within two hours, all Canada-bound Model Year 2011 Leafs were reserved. Wow! Two hours! Here's how the electrifying action went down: At noon on Saturday, Canadian residents who reside within the ...

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    Report: Magna, Ontario announce $408-million electric vehicle deal

    Magna International and the province of Ontario are set to announce a massive investment of more than C$400 million ($408 million U.S. at the current exchange rate) into research and development of electric vehicle technologies, according to The Globe and Mail. The move is thought to be part of ...

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    Nissan Canada certifies 27 Leaf dealerships

    Nissan of Canada has listed the 27 dealers that will initially sell and service the $38,395 ($39,003 U.S. at the current exchange rate) electric Leaf. The dealers, according to Nissan, have undergone specialized training and modified their service departments to gear up for the arrival of the ...

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    Canada follows U.S. by proposing emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles

    Following the lead of it's neighbors down south, Canada has developed proposed emissions and fuel efficiency guidelines for heavy-duty vehicles. Environment Canada's proposed regulations to limit emissions from heavy-duty vehicles are virtually identical to ours, with the differences being so ...

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    Hydro-Quebec hands over 15 Mitsubishi i-MiEVs to suburban Montreal businesses

    Recently, Hydro-Québec handed over the keys to 15 Mitsubishi i-MiEVs that were delivered to the Boucherville businesses that will take part in the second phase of Canada's grandest electric vehicle trial. Thierry Vandal, president and chief executive officer of Hydro-Québec, notes ...


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