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carbon fiber

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    Exclusive: How Toyota's 100-year textile history influenced FCV hydrogen fuel cell car
    H2 Tanks Will Likely Need To Be Inspected Every Few Years 1410393420

    Turns out, Toyota had a surprising ace in the hole when it came to building the new fuel tanks for the FCV hydrogen fuel cell car, which is coming next year. Well before Toyota became the Toyota Motor Company, it was the Toyota Industries Corporation and it made textile looms. This is important ...

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    Two Wheels: Visiobike is an e-bike with a smartphone's brains [w/video]

    Bicycling is a great, environmentally friendly way to get around town, but, let's face it, sometimes pedaling sucks. E-bikes are a wonderful compromise, especially for those uphill climbs, offering a bit of electronic assistance when you need it. Combine that with smart technology, a rear-view ...

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    Two Wheels: Saroléa resurrects itself with carbon fiber electric motorcycle

    The Saroléa SP7 is an electric carbon-fiber phoenix on a mission from the gods of speed and industry. Just revealed to the public Saturday, it will soon take to the Isle of Man where it will battle the best battery bikes yet built for the 2014 TT Zero trophy. It will also relaunch a ...

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    ETC: Aftermarket carbon fiber rear spoiler for Tesla Model S is priced accordingly

    Need a little something extra for your Tesla Model S? Robert Strohmeyer and EV Autosalon have you covered. The item is a thin rear spoiler, and it only costs $1,200. Strohmeyer sent AutoblogGreen an email about his new aftermarket parts company focusing on full EVs and plug-in hybrids. ...

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    Exclusive: BMW i3 EV will have lower insurance, repair costs thanks to carbon fiber

    What you see above is the carbon fiber frame that underpins the BMW i3. This lightweight material will allow the plug-in vehicle to set itself apart from the competition in a lot of ways (weight, most importantly, but also space and rigidity), but what we didn't expect was that the newfangled ...

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    Report: Toyota may integrate carbon fiber after Lexus LFA shut-down

    Toyota could integrate carbon-fiber components into some of its future models after shutting down production of its Lexus LFA supercar last month, Automotive News reports. Carbon fiber is both stronger and lighter than traditional vehicle-body materials. It makes sense for Toyota to take ...

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    Report: Ferrari teases new "powerful road car ever," and it's a hybrid

    We doubt the developers of the Toyota Prius had this in mind, but we'll take it. The Ferrari with the most power ever, which will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show next January, will indeed be a hybrid, Automotive News reports, citing people it declined to identify. The new model, which will ...

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    Two Wheels: Roskva Electric Motorcycles explores the lighter side with carbon fiber

    Electric vehicles push technologies beyond batteries and software. Take this new prototype from Roskva Electric Motorcycles, for example. In pursuit of a lighter bike, the five UMB engineering students behind this machine took a page from MotoGP and decided to go all out with carbon fiber ...

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    Report: BMW banking on carbon fiber costs to broaden M range

    There once was a time when BMW only produced a handful of its models in high-performance M guise. There was the M3, the M5, and that was pretty much it. Now, however, it offers M models based on the 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, X5 and X6. And that's only expected to grow. The first on ...

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    Official: Ford, Dow Chemical partner on carbon fiber composites, hope to shed up to 750 pounds

    Ford is getting religion when it comes to light-weighting its vehicles. The company has entered into a new partnership with Dow Chemical to develop carbon fiber that can be manufactured at affordable prices for high-volume applications. That, of course, is the holy grail of weight reduction, ...

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    Official: Feds will provide $14.2 million for lightweighting efforts

    Volumes have been written about how much obesity costs the U.S. in terms of healthcare costs. Now, the government is looking for ways for cars to shed some pounds as well. The U.S. Department of Energy will provide $14.2 million in funding towards projects that develop materials to cut vehicle ...

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    Official: GM gets serious about widespread use of carbon fiber

    General Motors has announced a partnership with a leading carbon fiber producer in an effort to research the possibility of widespread use of the material in its vehicles. Teijin Limited has pioneered a new manufacturing process for carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic that allows for cycle ...

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    Mercedes-Benz working on carbon fiber E-Class?

    A few years ago if you wanted a Mercedes-Benz Coupe your only choices were the dandyish CLK two-door or spending the GDP of a Polynesian island on an SL or CL. The options have grown – and grown more manly – lately, and according to a story in Auto Bild there's another one coming: the ...

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    Overview of BMW i3 LifeDrive tech shows how the skateboard has evolved

    Meet German automaker BMW's vision of the future: LifeDrive. LifeDrive is the heart and soul of the electric BMW i3, but it's more than just that. LifeDrive is a 21st century return of the body-on-frame design that consists of two distinct components: the Life module and the Drive structure. ...

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    Report: Japanese firms develop innovative techniques to reduce vehicle weight

    News outlet Nikkei reports that Japan-based steelmakers and chemical firms are developing materials and components that will make vehicles significantly lighter. The reason? Putting an end to Japanese automakers procuring components from rivals overseas. These innovative lightweight materials ...

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    More details emerge on Gordon Murray's electric Teewave AR1

    Gordon Murray Designs' latest creation, the Teewave AR1, not only showcases the firm's engineering capabilities, but also illustrates the point where integrity, lightweighting and electric drive meet. On the day Project T.32 (the Teewave AR1's codename) was primed for its Tokyo debut, the ...

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    Frankfurt: Mercedes-Benz shows off SLS AMG E-Cell's carbon fiber spine

    We'd thought we were aware of all the details that make up the extraordinary SLS AMG E-Cell, but when Mercedes-Benz revealed the E-Cell's unique aluminum body shell hanging from the ceiling at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, a bit of never-before-seen black stood out. According to M-B, that piece ...

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    Gordon Murray and Toray unveil electric T-Wave AR1 concept

    Toray Industries, a multinational corporation headquartered in Japan that specializes in industrial fibers and textiles, has teamed up with world-renowned designer Gordon Murray to dream up the T-Wave AR1, a two-seat electric concept that showcases Toray's carbon fiber expertise. Toray says the ...

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    BMW, SGL open state-of-the-art carbon fiber facility in Washington

    Central Washington could soon become a future automotive hub, if BMW's vision of carbon fiber plug-in vehicles catches on. Standing next to BMW's upcoming i3, chairman of the German automaker, Norbert Reithofer, told a crowd of 150 in Moses Lake, WA that carbon fiber is key to the evolution of ...

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    Study: Lightweight automotive material segment to soar to $95 billion in 2017

    With the 2025 CAFE target set at 54.5 miles per gallon, the race to develop fuel-efficient vehicles is on. According to Frost & Sullivan, this race to 54.5 will necessitate a healthy dose of lightweight automotive components. Frost & Sullivan's latest report, "Prevalent Substitution ...


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