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    Official: Tesla Motors EV charging technology coming to Blink network
    CarCharging Group Wants To Add Model S Adapters To Level 2 Stations 1403288040

    The first public bite on Tesla open casting call for its electric vehicle patents has been made by CarCharging, which says it wants to integrate the California automaker's EV charging tech into the Blink Network. Now, this does not mean that Blink chargers will soon be able to Supercharge. ...

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    Report: Nissan, CarCharging Group collaborate on quick-charger deployment

    While Nissan is expanding the single-charge range on its all-electric Leaf, the Japanese automaker is also working on shortening the distance between publicly accessible quick-charge stations. Nissan is collaborating with CarCharging Group to deploy more quick chargers throughout the most ...

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    Is it better to recharge your gadgets while driving?

    Once a standard internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle gets up to operating speeds, the engine produces more energy than can go to the wheels thanks to losses from heat and friction. And, since it's the engine that sends energy to the power outlet in the car (via the battery), does it make ...


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