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    Study: In city driving, hybrids really outshine the competition

    OK, maybe this newsflash is an obvious one to longtime green-car observers, but the folks at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon found it worth publicizing that hybrids are a lot more useful to city drivers than highway hounds. Heavy-footed driving may reduce all-electric vehicle range by as much as ...

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    Report: Carnegie Mellon project offers EV conversions ... for $24,000

    Let's just say this one's for both the environmentally conscious and the nostalgic. That's apparently the target audience for the ChargeCar project launched by Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University, which helps convert old Honda Civics to electric vehicles, according to the Mother Nature ...

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    Study: Why plug-in vehicles with "small" battery packs should be subsidized in a big way

    Are plug-in vehicle incentives distributed correctly? Apparently not. A study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University (PDF) suggests that by subsidizing vehicles with big battery packs (that is, bigger than 16 kWh), the return on investment (in terms of reducing gas/diesel consumption and ...

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    Study: Diesels, hybrids retain more value than gasoline-fueled vehicles

    2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup Edition – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Which type of vehicle retains the highest resale value? Well, according to a study released by Carnegie Mellon University, it's most likley to be one with a non-gasoline-fueled powertrain. CMU found that ...

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    DC 2011: Bosch says diesels really show you the money

    Cuba Gooding Jr. would be proud. Carnegie Mellon University released a new study today that shows that people who drive modern diesel vehicles can get financial benefits from their oil-burning rides. The numbers work out like this: The average price premium for a diesel compared to a gas-powered ...

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    ChargeCar: help crowdsource plug-in vehicle power management strategies, win an electric car

    Want to win an electric car? We don't know what kind or any important detail like that, but the thrill here is the hunt, not the kill. We're talking about a new contest being run by Carnegie Mellon University's electric car conversion project, ChargeCar, that will award an electric car to the ...

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    Carnegie-Mellon students learn about electric vehicles with Nissan

    2011 Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Automakers like Nissan are well aware that the future engineers of the world need to learn more about the vehicles of the future, namely electrified types. Many companies are working with engineering schools to expose the students ...

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    GM responds to Carnegie Mellon study

    Click above for a high res gallery of the 2011 Chevy Volt
    After reading through the recent study from Carnegie Mellon University that suggested the best compromise between price, performance and environmental benefit would put a 3kWh battery in plug-in hybrids – enough for about 7 miles of ...

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    GM and Carnegie Mellon University to collaborate on vehicle research

    General Motors and Carnegie Mellon University have decided to continue the work that resulted in victory in the DARPA Urban Challenge last year. The school and the automaker are establishing a collaborative research lab to continue the work they have done on autonomous driving. The lab will be ...

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    Working to solve the hydrogen storage dilemna with metal hydrides

    Carnegie Mellon has some interesting research going on these days. Those who oppose hydrogen as a fuel source (electricity) have quite a few problems to hang their hats on. For one, where to get the hydrogen from? Yes, it is abundant, but it is tied up with other stuff... making things such as ...


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