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carpool lane

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    Ford C-Max Energi gains access to New York HOV lanes

    When car owners brag about buying a plug-in electric vehicle, it's not unusual to hear them mention high occupancy vehicle (HOV) carpool lane stickers as one of the key perks. Thus, it wasn't surprising to see Ford issue a press release saying New York car buyers can now get carpool lane stickers ...

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    Chevrolet Volt will not be eligible for HOV-lane access until mid-2012 *UPDATE

    Prospective owners of the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf shouldn't get too excited about driving in California carpool lanes as soon as they take delivery. Late Tuesday night California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed SB 535 into law, extending access to the high-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) lanes ...

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    California extends unrestricted use of carpool lanes by EVs until 2015, removes hybrids

    California has nearly 1,300 miles of carpool lanes that are typically reserved for drivers willing to tote a bunch of friends along for the ride. Recently, the state opened carpool lanes to drivers of super-ultra-low-emissions vehicles (SULEV), ultra-low-emissions vehicles (ULEV) and inherently ...

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    UK cameras look through you to catch carpool lane violations

    Finding a way to inconspicuously get into the carpool lane without actually having a passenger can be a lucrative business and is also a source of great consternation to drivers legally allowed to be in the lanes. There have been a few attempts at policing carpool lane usage, but this is the first ...

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    From road rage to hybrid rage

    We have probably all been on the receiving end of some form of road rage, but if you’re driving one of the more fuel efficient or slower hybrids, you might become the victim of hybrid rage. The Detroit News reports some drivers are getting infuriated by hybrid drivers clogging up car-pool ...


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