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cash for clunkers

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    Official: Scrap Car, Plant Tree is "Copse for Clunkers" plan in UK

    For consumers coming to terms with years of driving a gas-guzzling, carbon-producing clunker car, there is a solution – trade it in for fresh, young saplings. That's the premise for a program in the United Kingdom, where owners can turn in their gas guzzler and have tree groves planted in ...

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    Zero Motorcycles gives $2,500 extra for gas-powered trade-ins

    We'll deliver the facts and leave it up to math whizzes to figure out how far an electric-powered Zero Motorcycle can go on an extra $2,500 worth of juice. We suspect it's a real long way. Taking a page from the old "Cash for Clunkers" playbook, the California-based electric-motorcycle maker is ...

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    Report: Report: Old GM coughs up $2.8M to 12 states for mercury claims

    Parts containing mercury were used for items like anti-lock brakes sensors and hood light switches until 2004. The following year, an umbrella organization called End of Life Vehicle Solutions (ELVS) began retrieving the mercury switches from junked cars, its activities paid for by contributions ...

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    Ford of Canada launches its own "cash for clunkers" program

    Ford of Canada has launched a car scrappage program that expands on a previous government-run program to get even more older vehicles off the road. While the government program only paid for cars from 1995 and earlier to be scrapped, Ford is accepting cars up to model year 2003. Ford is paying ...

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    Detroit 2010: Transportation Secretary LaHood ponders another round of cash-for-clunkers

    Cash-for-Clunkers was among the more watched auto-related story lines of 2009. With the industry hurting, the government provided cash vouchers of between $3,500 and $4,500 to anyone who turned in a vehicle that was eight (or more) years-old and with between two and 10 miles-per-gallon worse fuel ...

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    Israel hopes to clear air and streets with cash-for-clunkers program

    Germany did it. America did it. France is still doing it and now Israel is adopting its own version of the cash-for-clunkers program. Just in case 6.44 shekels per liter gasoline ($6.56 per gallon!) wasn't persuasive enough, the Environmental Protection Ministry has begun the first phase of a ...

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    China extends vehicle scrappage scheme, increases maximum bonus

    China has announced the extension of the country's vehicle scrappage scheme for 2010. Motorists will be able to trade in cars that are considered "highly pollutant" and receive a state subsidy worth between 5,000 yuan (about $730) and 18,000 yuan ($2,600), which is a significant increase over ...

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    France changes vehicle scrappage plan rules, gives Tesla buyers an effective 20 discount

    France had one of Europe's most ambitious "cash for clunkers" plan, but the fun will end in the new year. Starting January 1st, France's program will only pay out the largest award – €1,000 – to buyers of just one model: the smart fortwo cdi. The reason can be found at the ...

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    Feds mull an extra three months to crush Cash For Clunkers victims

    What do you do with some 700,000 recently clunked cars? Send them to scrap heaps, naturally. According to the initial set of rules drafted when Cash for Clunkers was first launched, all those vehicles need to be processed properly, which includes removing most (if not all) of the good usable ...

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    STUDY: Cash for Clunkers helped Japanese way more than Detroit 3

    While there is no question that Obama's Cash-for-Clunkers program accelerated vehicle sales this summer, a new report by the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute shows the big winners were from Japan, not Detroit. According to the study, nearly 85 percent of the trade-ins ...

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    Empire Strikes Back: White House calls out Edmunds on Clunkers story, Edmunds responds

    The facts in the case of the White House versus Edmunds are essentially indisputable – but they are open for interpretation. The federal government's $3 billion Cash for Clunkers program generated 690,000 sales by providing $3,500 and $4,500 vouchers to car buyers who turned in their ...

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    REPORT: All those clunkers messed up with no where to go

    We found out which vehicles were the most popular "green" clunkers in the Car Allowance Rebate System that ran its course earlier this fall, but it won't take much sleuthing to discover where all these clunkers have ended up. According to the AP, the disabled SUVs, minivans and trucks (mostly) ...

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    Italy extends its cash for clunkers program for 100,000 more vehicles

    The Italian cash for clunkers program was supposed to last until the end of 2009. However, there were voices that called for the extension of the program. Once such voice was Sergio Marchione, the CEO of Fiat, who said that there could be "severe social consequences" if the program was suddendly ...

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    Average new car mpg levels hit record high in August, spurred by Cash for Clunkers

    The success or failure of the Cash for Clunkers program that recently came to an end here in the United States has been and will continue to be debatable, but at least some good was accomplished by the legislation. According to data compiled by Wards Auto, the average new car fuel mileage hit a ...

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    Top Ten "green" cars that met their fate during Cash for Clunkers

    One rule that all clunked cars needed to adhere to was a maximum rating of 18 MPG from the federal government, right? What wasn't required was that the clunked car be considered dirty. After all, it's pretty clear that CNG vehicles burn clean, but that didn't stop 232 of them from meeting their ...

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    Unintended Consequences Bite Again: C4C won't save fuel?

    As is all too often the case, unintended consequences appear likely to play a part in the aftermath of Cash for Clunkers. One of the points made in selling the whole idea was that it would save fuel by taking older fuel-guzzling vehicles off the road and replace them with new, more efficient ...

  • 0 survey says public wants more Cash for Clunkers. Well, of course they do.

    After a month of relentless Cash for Clunkers coverage, we were more than pleased when the Fed's buy-back program finally ended. Nearly every other day C4C was in danger of getting shut down because of a lack of funds. Then there were dealers were worried about getting paid and customers who had ...

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    Cash For Clunkers final numbers: 690,000 vehicles sold; $2.8 billion used; 24.9 mpg average for the new cars

    C.A.R.S. ended Monday night and the numbers are in. At first blush, things look positive. First, 690,114 vouchers were submitted asking for $2.877 billion (just under the program's $3 billion limit). There was also $100 million used for administration costs (as Autoblog calculates, about $144 ...

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    Cash For Clunkers ends tonight, 8 p.m. EST - $2.65 billion spent so far

    The Cash For Clunkers (C.A.R.S.) program ends today. There are about five hours left before the über-successful government program comes to a sodium silicate-induced halt. So, anyone who's on the fence about getting an extra $4,500 for their low-mileage clunker should call their local ...

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    REPORT: Cash For Clunkers ending Monday

    This year, Labor Day in the U.S. will be celebrated on September 7. That's over two weeks away, and not that long ago, the government had said the C.A.R.S. (Cash for Clunkers) program would be funded through that date. Looks like the rebate system is once again a victim of its own success once ...


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