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    Official: First SAE Combo fast charging station now open in San Diego

    The 2013 Plug In Conference in San Diego, CA was not only the site of a big meeting of the minds for EV companies this week, it was also where a SAE Combo Fast Charging station has been installed – and used – for the first time. NRG built the station, which charged both a BMW i3 and a ...

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    New report concludes carbon sequestration "profoundly unfeasible"

    Ever since the idea of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) was first proposed, everyone from politicians to Big Oil lobbyists have spoken of the technology as already up and running successfully and ready for large scale implementation. Well, a new report in the Journal of Petroleum Science ...

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    Australia's pioneer carbon capture project

    EESTech Inc., a company based in Brisbane, Australia, owns the Asia-Pacific rights to a system called the Purenergy CO2 Capture System (CCS). This is supposed to be the world's first pre-engineered, modular CO2 capture system that can be retrofitted onto existing power plants or any large ...

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    Volkswagen betting each way on powertrain technologies

    Click on above image to see complete high resolution gallery.Car and Driver have posted a feature article on the wide array of different powertrains that Volkswagen is testing in a bid to capitalise on new developments under way in a host of technologies. Ten different vehicles were available for ...


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