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    Official: San Diego company adding 19 E85 pumps at California stations

    Count Pearson Fuels, and the state of California for that matter, is among proponents of boosting ethanol content in light-duty vehicle fuel. San Diego-based Person received a $1.35-million grant to add pumps that distribute fuel with an 85-percent ethanol mix – i.e. E85 – at 19 new ...

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    Fisker owner tricks out his Karma with body kit

    if you're, looking for the next tricked-out version of the Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid sports car ready to roll down the street – one that isn't driven by Justin Bieber – look no further. We've been teased by this look before. CEC, an authorized Fisker Automotive aftermarket parts ...

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    California Energy Commission launches alt-fuel vehicle website Drive

    The California Energy Commission (CEC) has launched Drive – a website designed to educate industry professionals, fleet managers and consumers about greener transportation choices for the 21st century. The Drive site details a wide swath of transportation projects, from producing renewable ...

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    California looking to classify tires by rolling resistance?

    Low rolling resistance tires have been increasingly used to help manufacturers improve EPA efficiency ratings. While the specialty rubber used to be found mostly on hybrids, it is starting to find its way onto other vehicles as well, like gas-engined Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner SUVs.According ...


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