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    Exclusive: Shell Eco-marathon 2013: Notes from Day 1, will 2,545 mpg be beat?

    The Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2013 kicked off in Houston, TX this morning with a twist on the usual: Ladies and gentlemen, start your fuel-efficient engines. The area around Discovery Green was buzzing with high school and college students, all here with one mission: go as far as possible on as ...

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    Lexus details 5th annual Eco Challenge

    When you think lobster, do you also think Lexus? This fall, students are, once again, invited to participate in the annual Lexus Eco Challenge educational program and contest for a chance to win part of $500,000 in grants and scholarships. Over the past four years, Lexus has gotten more than ...

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    Mini E driver offers electric vehicle critic some real life experience

    Washington Post writer Charles Lane recently wrote an article called "Cold truths about electric cars' cold-weather shortcomings." The piece was inspired by his experience being stuck in traffic for six hours due to last week's snowstorm. During the ordeal, he found a silver lining – he ...

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    Volvo tries to help family reach low-CO2 "One Tonne Life"

    How clean can one modern, European family go? Swedish auto maker Volvo, wooden house experts A-hus and energy company Vattenfall are helping one family cut its carbon emissions by 85 percent in a quest to live the "One Tonne Life." The challenge the familiy is taking on is to live within a limit ...

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    New mileage record for the Peugeot 308: 69.15 mpg

    Not satisfied to show off its hypermiling credentials in Australia and the UK, Peugeot is showing off that its compact 308 HDI can spot great mileage in South Africa. A 308 participated in the Coast2Coast challenge running 1689.7 km from the East Coast city of Kleinzee to the West Coast city of ...

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    Battle hardened, robot-driven cars by 2030

    A scientist speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting in San Francisco has predicted robot-driven cars that could drive humans around by the year 2030. Intelligent robot vehicles are likely to be used on battlefields even sooner though predicts Sebastian ...


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